A Vegan Diet May Reduce Your Risk For Prostate Cancer

The secret to reducing your risk for prostate cancer may lie in eating more fruits and vegetables. In a recent study conducted by the Loma Linda University Of Health, researchers found that men who engaged in a vegan diet were less likely to develop prostate cancer.

The study examined the association between dietary patterns and the prostate cancer incidence among 26,000 male participants.

Researchers were also able to track the diet and medical condition of participants through mailed correspondence and telephone interviews. In some instances medical records were requested for review by the researchers.

The director of the Study, Dr. Gary Fraser stated: “These analyses provided evidence that subjects adhering to a vegan diet experienced about 1/3 lower incidence of prostate cancer than those preferring a non-vegetarian diet.

Vegan diets differ from other vegetarian and nonvegetarian diets by the absence of dairy and eggs, as well as greater intake of most fruit, vegetables, nuts, and legumes.” As promising as the results of the study are, the relationship between a vegan diet and prostate cancer is still unclear.

Since the consumption of food is typically done in combination with other foods rather than being consumed individually, the evaluation of dietary patterns can provide valuable data when determining associations between diet and prostate cancer risk.

The university will continue to conduct research into the vegan diet to determine what foods or combination of foods can help in lowering the risk for developing prostate cancer.



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