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WELCOME TO SAMADI M.D. | Founded by Dr. David Samadi

We’ve created this blog as an online destination to make you healthier. 


Who I am

Ever since I was very young, I knew I wanted to be a doctor; I knew I wanted to help people. I’ve always felt relentless in my ambition and it was evident that I would have to work extremely hard. Many people wonder where my passion for men’s health and fighting prostate cancer came from.

During my residency, a time during medical training where you explore various areas of medicine and potentially a specialty, I was scheduled to observe a cardiac surgery. However, it was cancelled at the last minute. Instead, I decided to observe a prostate cancer surgery. I remember being fascinated watching the surgeon navigate his way around such a small area in the body. I knew instantly prostate health was my calling in medicine.

As a young man who grew up in the Middle East, lived in parts of Europe and now the United States, I’ve been exposed to many areas of the world. Through my great privilege of training and performing robotic surgery all over the world —Germany, France, Spain, London, Israel, Greece, Dominican Republic— I’ve worked in many different areas of medicine and healthcare systems. I’ve observed and worked in society’s who practice socialized medicine, modern medicine and others. As part of being a pioneer in the field of robotic surgery and its global adoption, I’ve gained a well-rounded view of healthcare.

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Why SamadiMD.com?

You may be asking, “Why would a urologist, talk about alternative medicine, medical technology or research around heart disease?” When I had the opportunity to become a Fox News Medical Correspondent and a member of the Fox News Medical A Team, I began to study and explore many other areas of medicine outside of urology. I want to share this knowledge with you, with the hope that you’ll pass it on to your friends and family. Health is something everyone talks about but very few explore the full scope of the healthcare industry. I see my patients and others struggle with what to believe is healthy for them. SamadiMD.com will educate you on all sides of health and how it affects what information you’re given to live a healthy life.

I am proud to say, we are not under any pressure from pharmaceutical or other healthcare companies. You can depend on SamadiMD.com to be the place to learn about your health from a global perspective, through an unbiased lens.


will explore:



  • Future of healthcare
  • Industry of healthcare
  • Health politics
  • Health technology
  • Mobile health apps
  • Alternative medicine
  • Health investing and stocks

Your Health

  • Everyday health tips
  • Latest global health news
  • Healthy food and living
  • Health sex benefits
  • Men’s Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Innovations in surgery
  • Cancer research and prevention

The healthcare Industry

Our goal is to give you a 360 degree view of healthcare. SamadiMD.com will not only give the best advice for healthy living but will also uncover the industry side. We’ll be analyzing the future of healthcare and its effect on both patients and doctors.

You deserve to know the inner workings of the industry and how it affects your health. For example, are you aware how major diseases are selected and funded for research? Many major issues in healthcare are often left out of major mainstream health conversations. I believe this side of medicine and healthcare needs to be brought to the surface.



I created SamadiMD.com for you. My hope is to help as many men and women live healthy lives and pass that same knowledge on to their children for the next healthy generation. Knowledge is power and we are bringing it to you.

Think of SamadiMD as your neighborhood health center. Come in, immerse yourself in the content and leave your comments. Join the conversation with me, share what you like with friends and family and let us know what you’d like to see more of.

Everyone who I work closely with are my family. Everything I do is for my patients. We all have a mission in life and this is mine. This blog and its creation is very personal to me. It was built for you.

Welcome to the SamadiMD family,

 —Dr. David Samadi