5 Signs of Dementia You Probably Didn't Know About

Dementia has specific symptoms that when in combination, you especially need to pay attention to. But certain signs may be quite surprising as signs of the disease. Here's what you should look for. 


1. Feeling depressed: Changes in mood are also common with dementia. Loved ones often notice this. Depression, for instance, is typical in the early stages of dementia. Along with mood changes, personality changes also occur. A typical sign is a shift from being shy to outgoing from judgement being affected through the disease. 

2. Carrying Extra Weight: A significant study released in May 2011 published in the journal, Neurology,  linked a high body mass index to an increased risk for dementia. 

3. Can't sleep: If you have trouble sleeping, it could be an early sign of dementia. Published in the journal Annals of Neurology in December 2011 39% of 1300 women who were participants in the study had developed some mild cognitive impairment by the end of the 5-year period.

4. Walking Slow: Declining motor skills is a common sign of dementia. As the condition progresses, difficulty with motor functions and coordination will arise. Patients will lose the ability to do small daily tasks like going to the bathroom or getting dressed. 

5. Memory Loss—Obviously this is the major one. You or your loved ones may notice memory loss affects the daily routine the most. Patients may experience subtle short-term memory changes:

  • Ability to focus and pay attention
  • Reasoning and judgment
  • Visual perception

Cognitive changes should be expected such as difficulty with:

  • Following storylines
  • Finding the right wording
  • Communicating or finding words
  • Complex tasks
  • Planning and organizing
  • Coordination and motor functions
  • Problems with disorientation, such as getting lost