Could Light Therapy Bring New Hope For Those Suffering with Bipolar Disorder?


Bipolar disorder is a condition that a lot of people can suffer with and not only does it have an impact on them but also on their loved ones and friends. It is one of those conditions that is becoming more common and therefore more research is being done into it not only as to its causes but new forms of treatments.

What some may not realize is that there are different forms of bipolar and they each can cause their own set of symptoms. Among these symptoms individuals can have manic episodes, and they can have episodes where they are depressed. These can be ups and downs that some say many people have that don't have bipolar, but these fluctuations are in the extreme.

Depression and Bipolar

One of the latest findings is that the depression that comes with this disorder may be lessened with light therapy. The study showed that exposure to bright white light and increasing the exposure each day over a period of weeks, that it helped with the Bipolar depression. One of the concerns that was raised about this form of treatment was whether it could trigger mania which it has been noted that light therapy can possibly do this.

The effects of light on individuals with this condition has been something of interest for researchers for several years. There are some studies that indicate that there is correlation between light and the onset of the disorder.

Manic and Bipolar

While depression is one segment of bipolar that may have to be addressed, manic episodes may be another. The concept that light may also play a role in this is also something that researchers have been interested in. There was one small study that noted the wearing of amber glasses to block out the blue light that comes from the sun and also from computers and phone screens. This particular study had participants wear amber tinted glasses in the evening from 6pm to 8am for a one week period. The results indicated some significant improvement within a few days.

Computerized Brain Training

Another finding that is significant when it comes to Bipolar Disorder is what is called computerized brain training. Some of the other symptoms that come with this disorder besides depression and mania are issues with memory, some functions and thought processing. By being able to create some improvement in the cognitive dysfunctions it helps to alleviate some of these symptoms. This is where the studies focused on brain exercises as a way of helping with this with some promising results derived from the study.

This keen interest in the effects of light as well as other studies and research that is taking place regarding bipolar disorder could lead to new treatments for this disorder that is a life changing condition for those who are afflicted with it. Research could also provide many of the answers that scientists are now looking for as to the actual cause and triggers of it.