Is Smoking Electronic Cigarettes Practicing Preventative Medicine?


Is Smoking Electronic Cigarettes Practicing Preventative Medicine?

When E-cigarettes first hit the market there was definitely a flurry of excitement. All those smokers who had tried everything in vain to quit thought that perhaps now there was going to be an easy solution. This way of thinking quickly raised the electronic cigarettes to a high level of popularity.

It didn't take long before they became a product of controversy.

What Do Some Studies Say?

When a product like e-cigs gains popularity so quickly and can have a major impact on one's health then usually it will create more interest in performing studies to substantiate any claims that are being made. One such study for the use of these fake cigarettes indicated that fewer cancer causing toxins were found in the body after six months of using these cigarette replacements compared to those who smoked real cigarettes.

There are other studies that may not be quite so favorable. For example, it has been shown that smoking regular cigarettes comprised of tobacco can negatively affect some of the genes of theimmune system. It has been indicated that this also occurs with vaping which is the term given for smoking e-cigarettes.

One of the latest studies is indicating that the e-cigarettes can be just as dangerous as regular tobacco cigarettes, believing that they can create DNA damage.

Are They Less Harmful or Totally Harmless?

While some of the studies are producing favourable results for those who support this type of smoking, all indications are that they are not 100% harmless. Some data says that they could be categorized at about 95% less harmful than standard cigarettes.

Additional Dangers of Smoking E-Cigarettes

Concerns as to what potential dangers may be lurking for e-smokers has caused some experts to look further into this. Some of the findings have indicated that e-smokes could cause....

·       Sores in the mouth

·       Slow wound healing

·       Smokers cough

·       Slow repair of the lungs after cells have been damaged

When you look at all of these then it leads one to believe that one evil which is standard smoking is just being replaced with another which is vaping.

The Stop Smoking Solution

Many of those who turned to e-cigs did so in the hopes they could stop smoking or that this form of smoking would fill their need to smoke with far fewer repercussions. All indications are that this not a viable solution. Those who wish to stop smoking should seek out other alternatives with the one thought in mind of never giving up on the quest to become a non-smoker. Keep in mind that whenever drugs are going to be used as a smoking cessation tool that they should be carefully researched first by the individual who is going to use them.

The big question that is often raised by both smokers and non smokers is why do people smoke anyway? The answer can be diversified as some will say that it is a bad nasty habit, while others will say no, it's an addiction. Both answers may be correct as it may vary for each person. However, the bottom line is there is no doubt that smoking is bad for the health and stopping is the only total positive solution.