Why It's Important to Listen to What Your Eyes are Telling You


Why It's Important to Listen to What Your Eyes are Telling You


With the hectic lifestyle that both men and women live today there are some important issues about their health that tend to get ignored. The attitude of "if it isn't broke then don't fix it" is commonly adopted especially when it comes to eye health. Yet, at the same time a lot of people are becoming more pro-active in preventative medicine but the condition of the eyes gets neglected.

Potential Health Problems Revealed

Not only are regular eye check-ups important to help keep the eyes healthy and to identify any visual problems that may be happening, what is found in the checkups can be an indicator of other health issues.

Multiple Sclerosis

The eyes can be giving subtle signs that an individual is suffering with MS. The signs to some may seem insignificant. They can include blurring of vision or difficulty focusing. Sometimes these symptoms are written off as just being caused by eye strain from using the computer too much, or perhaps just being tired. An eye examination that includes a field vision test can help to confirm if these symptoms are as a result of MS. It can help the physician make a positive diagnosis of this disease which often can be hard to determine.


On occasion an individual may overall feel fine but all of a sudden experience difficulty seeing out of one eye or even both. Being as this appears to be a vision problem it may get put on the back burner to be attended to when a busy schedule permits some extra time to see the eye doctor. This is a eye symptom that should not be ignored, as it could be a symptom of a stroke. A stroke is as a result of bleeding from an artery in the brain. If it is mild it can create no other symptoms but the eye issue. An eye examination that includes a field vision test can help to detect this. This then allows the individual to seek out the necessary medical help to address the issues that come with strokes.

Hypertension is related to strokes and the blood vessels as they are seen through an eye examination can indicate whether hypertension may be present.


Sometimes those that are dealing with diabetes don't realize that this disease can also have an adverse effect on the eyes. The symptoms that it can present regarding the eyes can also lead one to getting properly diagnosed with this disease if that has not happened as yet. One of the common occurrences is that a sudden change will take place from the normal eye glass prescription.

What happens with some diabetics is that glucose from the body will infiltrate the lens of the eye resulting in blurred vision. The glucose causes the lens of the eye to change its shape. Once the diabetes has been regulated a further eye test can be done to see if this problem has corrected itself.

There are other signs and symptoms that can take place in the eyes that could be indicators of diabetes.

Your eyes can be a wonderful diagnostic resource when it comes to many different illnesses, but this can only work to your advantage if you are astute at keeping up with your regular eye examinations. Plus, you should not ignore any changes that may be taking place with your vision.