Yes! You Can Take Control of the Chemotherapy Side Effects


Yes! You Can Take Control of the Chemotherapy Side Effects

There really is nothing good that can be said about any form of cancer. On an emotional level one of its effects is making those that have it feel like they no longer have control of their lives. This is enhanced with the various forms of treatments that may be used with the various types of cancers to help fight this disease which is chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy Options

Each type of cancer dictates what type of chemotherapy may be used. It will vary greatly. For example, when chemotherapy is used for prostate cancer there will be a selection of drugs used for this type of cancer, while a different set may be used for breast cancer. They sometimes have things in common like the side effects they create. To help combat this pharmaceutical companies have tried to design additional drugs just to treat the side effects. All of these drugs plus the side effects no doubt make an individual feel like they have lost total control over what is happening to them.

By looking at some additional ways as to how an individual on chemotherapy can be active it dealing with the chemotherapy side effects, it makes that person feel like they have some control over what is happening to them.

Hair Loss

Being prepared for potential hair loss makes one feel less threatened. Some individuals feel comfortable with going ahead and shaving their head at the first signs of the hair coming out. This gives them a sense of control. They may not be able to stop the hair loss, but they can certainly dictate as to when they are going to lose it by getting ahead of it.

Planning on having wigs made early allows one to choose a style of wig that is closer to what their normal hair was prior to the treatments. Often if this is done after all the hair has come out individuals are so devastated by this they cannot envision what they really looked like with their own hair. Having a wig that is close to what they are used to helps to lessen the impact of the loss of the hair.

Chemotherapy Mouth Sores

These mouth sores may not directly affect the appearance of an individual, but they can cause a fair amount of discomfort. While there may be some prescriptive drugs to help with this there are some natural solutions that may also be beneficial. Rinsing often and applying lip moisturizers are just two examples.


Not everyone will end up with diarrhea but many do. This is controllable with the use of some drugs, but many of those with cancer want to reduce the number of drugs that they are taking. By doing so they feel they are making some progress. One of the things to keep in mind is that diet can also trigger diarrhea and this may be compounded when one is taking chemotherapy. There are some other positive steps that can be taken to help control loose bowels.

These are just a few of the common side effects to chemotherapy, but what is does indicate is that individuals who are in this situation can take some positive actions on their own to help minimize the side effects, and this in itself puts the individual in control.