Best New Fitness Apps


Best new fitness apps

1.     Fitbit Surge. The best features of the FitBit Surge include activity mapping, a calorie-burn algorithm, and the battery life. This app has a built-in GPS that lets your workout with an app on your handheld device. You can also track heart rate and calories burned across different sports. Just one charge can last up to a week.

2.     Garmin Forerunner 225. The best features of this app are that it is running-specific and has an optical heart-rate sensor. For runners, it has a very accurate Mio optical heart-rate sensor and can track time, pace, distance, and heart-rate zones. These are then delivered to you during your run to make sure you are experiencing optimal training. Using your age and fitness level, the watch will determine your warmup/aerobic/max pace and guide you through each part of your workout.

3.     Pulse Ox. The best features of this app include the blood-oxygen reader and long battery life. It has four LED sensors which allow it to track heart rate and read blood-oxygen levels. This comes in hand for assessing your exercise efficiency when training at various altitudes. It also beats its competition in that it has a two-week battery life.

4.     Moto 360 Sport. The best features of the Moto 360 Sport include the Google GPS and it’s intuitive mode switching. The Moto 360 Sport model will also have iOS capability, which increases the competition for the Apple watch. Its GPS uses Google’s mapping software to give directions to the watch face. It also knows when you’re exercising and switches modes between sports, then syncs all your metrics in the Google Fit app. It can help you find the best place for a post-workout smoothie with a voice-activated search.

5.     Basis Peak Titanium. The new app is a high-tech heart-rate monitor and one fun feature includes its interchangable leather strap. It has one of the most accurate heart-rate monitors on the market due to the brightness of the LED. By pairing the tech with a leather strap, you can even wear it out when dressed up. In addition, the Basis is now integrated into Apple Health and Google Fit and can sync with whichever smartphone you use.