Samadi Picks: Latest Health Tech Innovations

1. Smart pill bottles: Created by NY Based AdhereTech

  • Helps patients track their meds
  • Take them at the right time
  • Bottle sends real-time alerts to secure online services and users
  • When patient needs to take meds, bottle glows blue
  • If it isn’t opened at the right time, it turns red and begins to beep
  • Also sends text message or phone call alerts to smartphone

2. Wearbles: Fall Protection by ActiveProtective

  • Smart garments: contain 3-D motion sensors detect falls
  • If person’s activity deviates from the norm, indicating a fall, a micro-airbag deploys from the underwear to protect the wearer from injury
  • The garment also issues a call for help.



3. Sleep Cycle Mobile App

  • Analyzes sleep phase
  • Monitors movement during sleep
  • Triggers alarm to wake person up in lightest sleep phase during a 30-min window closest to your alarm time



4. Sharecare's Ask MD Mobile App

  • App uses clinically proven research to answer any number of questions
  • Diabetes
  • Healthy eating
  • Answers in regard to specific symptoms
  • Determines emergency: If app detects person might be in critical or life-threatening danger, app will direct to closest emergency room near your location