6 Ideas for a Healthier Workspace

Those who work in an office environment, sit behind a desk or stare at a computer screen can feel stress and neck pain at the least. The long-term effects of sitting all day have been touted in many recent studies. It's also important to take into consideration your desk or workplace area and institute healthy habits to remind you throughout the day. The stress and demands of a job keep you focused only on your work and not on your physical well-being. This can lead to 40 hours of poor health habits each week...think about that. 

Focusing on health and wellness in the work world does make good business sense. Studies show that focusing on wellness can reduce stress, illness, and medical costs. The challenge is how to do it, other than committing to an entire life change.

Workplaces should consider:

  •  Serve low glucose snacks
  •  Give people mini-breaks before entering another meeting
  •  Encourage people to walk to meetings on different floors
  •  Offer "health coaching" programs to teach meditation, yoga, and health principles
  •  Give people a half-day off before taking a new assignment

Tips for a healthier workspace:

  1. Use a standing desk to sit less
  2. Get an office plant to increase your productivity
  3. Keep a piece of fruit on your desk to ensure you eat a healthy snack
  4. Drink tea, which can help you have 2-5 minutes of meditation and relaxation
  5. Stress ball to relieve tension
  6. Doodle pad to boost memory and creativity
  7. Under desk stepper to increase your heart rate as you work
  8. Air purifier to keep air clean in an open office