5 Mobile Apps For Your Mental Health

Some studies have shown that technology may have some negative effects on cognitive skills and even affect our ability to fall into a deep sleep. However, these 5 apps are being used by many people who claim they really help strengthen their cognitive skills and even relieve stress. Here's the top 5. 


1. The Now App: This app helps with mindfulness by sending inspirational quotes throughout the day. They hope to encourage users to engage in the present and achieve a constant state of mindfulness. 

2. Talkspace Therapy: This app allows you to chat privately with a therapist at any time. The app discretely allows users. This app discretely allows users to chat with licensed therapists. The free version offers limited access to therapists, but for $25 a week users can send unlimited daily messages to a therapist. Other plans available for in-app purchase include video therapy sessions for $29/every 30 minutes.

3. Smiling Mind mediation app: This customizable meditation app offers guided mediation exercises based on age. According to their website, Smiling Mind is ideal for young people and beginners.

4. Wunderlist: This app allows users to make to-do lists, label lists, set deadlines and collaborate with others. Among many available list apps, Wunderlist shines for its clean interface and simple navigation. For some, making lists can help make life seem more manageable.

5. Superbetter: This mental wellness gaming app is extremely addictive in the best ways possible.