Bionic lenses could give superhuman vision


Ocumetics Technology Corp is the creator of a bionic lens and claims to have developed a painless eight-minute procedure. It would give you vision that is said to be 3x better than 20/20.

"Bionic" lenses have the potential to give 100-year-olds better vision than anything currently available. Vision enhancement beyond anything the world has seen thus far.

We will have to wait and see if this works. The lenses have not yet undergone clinical trials.

The goal is freedom from glasses and contact lenses. CEO of the company is a Canadian optometrist.

Invented the "button-shaped" lens and has been working on the product for eight years of research. The cost had been $3m so far. Procedure would be similar to cataract surgery. Remove your original lens and replace it with an Ocumetics' Bionic Lens.

New lens is folded into a syringe in a saline solution and injected directly into your eye.

Specialized lens would also prevent people from developing cataracts as the procedure replaces natural lenses, which decay over time. Lens was presented to a group of leading ophthalmologists in San Diego in early April. Bionic Lens would make contacts lenses, glasses and laser surgery obsolete. If they do pass those clinical trials, lens could be available in two years