Five Most Important Nutrition Strategies in a Mass-building Phase

Health and exercise go along the side of each other. Many like to have a nice lean and fit body while others like to build up their body. If you want to help your body with nutrients to make the most of your hard training, take a look at the following tips.

1. Eat a satisfying breakfast

In order to start your healthy diet routing, you should take about 20–25% of your daily calories at breakfast. Try to include plenty of quality protein, complex carbs (e.g., oatmeal) and dietary fats (e.g., egg yolks, natural nut butters, breakfast meats) at your breakfast meal.

2. Load up before you train

Give your body enough energy before starting your work out. Take in about 10% of your daily calories before training. You can take in a whole-food meal about an hour before you train or a protein shake within 30 minutes of hitting the weights.

3. Recover and grow with a post-workout shake

One of the most important meals for fueling your muscles is this one. Take in about 20% of your daily calories at this meal. The mixture should contain whey protein and dextrose (or another form of sugar) for best results. Eat this meal as soon as you finish the work out.

4. Consume a large, healthful meal an hour or so after you train

You should eat a whole-food meal that consists of ample protein, complex or starchy carbs, and vegetables about an hour or so after your work out. Take in about 20% of your daily calories at this meal.

5. Get in a satisfying snack or meal just before bedtime

Since you digest food a little slower when you are sleeping, take in about 5–10% of your daily calories at this meal. The calories you take in before bedtime tend to stay with you longer. When mass-building you can use this to your advantage to keep amino acids floating in your bloodstream so that you help prevent muscle breakdown. A good example for snack before bedtime are protein shake without carbs, 3–4 ounces of meat with 1–2 ounces of cheese, or 1 cup of cottage cheese and a handful of almonds.