25 best ways to beat exercise boredom


25 best ways to beat exercise boredom

Has exercise become monotonous, tedious, wearisome, or dare we say “boring?  Has the spirited enthusiasm you started off with at the beginning of an exercise regimen now turned into more of a “ho-hum” reaction?

If this is the case, it sounds like you may have developed exercise boredom.  It happens to the best of us for many reasons but, it’s important to not let your lackluster attitude morph into long-term exercise avoidance.

To bring back the motivation and dedication of following a consistent, regular exercise program, here are 25 ways to make working out a more fun, positive, and pleasant experience you’ll want to keep doing over and over again for the rest of your life:

1.     Find an exercise partner.  Maybe not for everyone, but if it keeps you accountable with you both pushing each other a little harder for a more productive workout, it can make exercise more enjoyable and fun. 

2.     Take your dog for a walk.  Even fido needs to move and with you both exercising you’ll both be happier and healthier.

3.     Combine exercise with your favorite TV programming.  You’ll accomplish two things at once and it can make the workout seem much shorter and humdrum. 

4.     Try a new sport you’ve never done before.  Racquetball, tennis, boxing, or hiking are just a few interesting sports offering you a new workout routine. 

5.     Wherever you live, take advantage of your yearly climate.  If you live in a cold state, bundle up and take up cross country skiing.  A warmer state?  Try working out running along the beach. 

6.     If your workout is always the same old, same old each and every time, no wonder you’re bored.  The solution?  Mix it up.  One day walk, the next day bicycle, the day after that, go for a swim.  You get the idea. 

7.     Make a new playlist of songs to get you fired up to want to move.

8.     Or listen to audiobooks.  To find out how a story ends, allow yourself only to listen to it while you exercise.

9.     Challenge yourself to try out a new form of exercise.

10.  Join an exercise class.  Maybe it might be yoga or Pilates. Or maybe a spin class.  Anything that beats boredom is good.

11.  Buy new workout clothes or shoes.  Just the simple act of wearing something different than the usual can be a motivator in and of itself. 

12.  If you always workout indoors, take your workout outside on occasion.  When the weather is beautiful, don’t pass up on the opportunity Mother Nature has made to appreciate what she has to offer. 

13.  Imagine yourself if you were to completely stop exercising.  Don’t like what you see?  Good – let that be a strong motivator for you to keep on exercising habitually.   

14.  Make a goal each week of improving on time, duration or intensity of whatever type of exercise you do.  If you reach your goal, reward yourself. 

15.  Hire a personal trainer.  Working with an expert can give you new insights into performing moves differently or helping you identify what needs to be worked on the most.

16.  Sign up for a 5K run/walk or a triathlon.  Knowing you need to train for a specific event can bust up boredom. 

17.  Keep an exercise log or graph.  Write down what you do each week.  Seeing results can spur excitement to want to continue to exercise.

18.  Read or follow blogs of other who exercise to be inspired by them.  They most likely also have gone through exercise boredom at one time or another and can have great ideas for breaking up the monotony.

19.  Part of the problem with becoming bored is maybe you’re not having fun.  Exercise should be fun.  If it isn’t, find another kind of activity you look forward to and enjoy doing.

20.  When working out, pretend you’re a professional athlete with a crowd going wild cheering you on amazed over your athletic abilities.  It may sound silly but it works. 

21.  If you work out outdoors, take your camera along to capture nature’s beauty.

22.  Start a friendly competition with someone else on meeting exercise goals. 

23.  Get into planning what your post-exercise snack will be – keep it a combination of a healthy carbohydrate and protein.   

24.   Surround yourself with motivational quotes, picture, whatever is a reminder to help keep you working out reaching your personal exercise goals.

25.  Most importantly, always remember how exercise makes you feel and look. The movement relieves stress and tension by releasing endorphins and the way it makes you look can be the sweetest reward of all.