7 Secrets to Burn More Fat While Running

Running is probably mankind’s oldest physical endeavor. Good ol` fashion running still matters. Even further, this summer when you're on vacation, running on the sand will boost your calorie burn rate. Running on the sand makes your body have to work twice as hard to get over it. You expend at least 150% more energy and burn more calories running on sand than on hard surfaces—and it actually makes you faster. Everyone understands the obvious benefits of running but did you know there's ways to burn more fat? 


The key to losing weight when you run isn't to run longer or harder, it's to run smarter. Running less often, contrary enough, is the best secret to losing more weight. If you're not losing as much weight as you want when running, it may be because you're trying too hard. 

Rest and recovery are often undervalued but during this period, the body rebuilds and gets stronger. Try doing 50% less running than usually. When the time comes to up the ante on your runs, try this: very short, faster efforts interspersed with walking or easy running breaks in between, rather than running steady for a long period of time. Apply interval training methods to the rhythm of your running. Hills recruit more muscles than flat running and allows you to get in the important higher intensity with less impact. 

Change up your routine to intersperse long, slow runs with days of short, quick runs. It could be as simple as adding in more intensity to one or two of your weekly runs.

Think consistency rather than intensity of your running. Not every run needs to be long, strong and perfect. Aim for making the majority of your weekly miles as easy as you can, making running enjoyable. Consistency and frequency is key for weight loss. Focus on doing less, more often. 3 times per week running for 45 minutes can be altered to 4-5 times per week for 20-30 minutes. 

Mixing up your movement while running can help as well. To avoid plateaus, you must continue to challenge your body. Doing the same type of running all the time won't add an element of play or surprise. If you typically do treadmill runs or the same lap at a gym or field, consider trail running. You'll explore nature and make running feel like an outing versus just your workout. Put the focus on activity not weight loss. 

Incorporate bodyweight exercises on the days you're not running. This trains you for full body strength as well as the ability to move better and keeps supporting muscles strong for running. 

For many people, weight loss is the main goal for running, but try to create some fun sub-goals around it. Creating a long-term goal for running so the focus becomes the running, rather than the weight loss. 

Don't run out and buy fancy running shoes. The strength of our feet directly affects how well we move and run as well as activating the important running muscles. Focus on building strong feet by experimenting with barefoot balance moves, first flat footed and then balance with your heel lifted up.