Boost your sex drive with exercise

 Modern young woman in sports clothing jumping while exercising outdoors

Boost your sex drive with exercise

It’s amazing what a few days or weeks of exercising can do for us.  We feel more energized, more confident, healthier and best of all, it jumps starts our sex drive into high gear. Yes, the secret to boosting your sex drive is not in a pill form.  It’s exercise.  Physical activity is the magic wand that can kick your bedroom activities into overdrive making it better than ever. 

We all know exercise is necessary for keeping in shape, boosting the immune system, great for cardiovascular health and maintaining muscle mass.  But it also can be a fun and enticing way to activate your libido resulting in some of the best sex you’ve ever had.

To help rev-up your ho-hum or non-existent sex life, try out these exercises bringing it back to life:

·      Yoga

Yoga not only gives a total body workout but it is fantastic for relieving stress.  We all experience stress to varying degrees but when it feels like your stress levels are sky high, your libido will be in the tank.  Yoga promotes a mind-body connection helping us acquire better breathing techniques, learning to relax and let go and achieving a sense of calm and tranquility.  If you’re going to get in the mood, you’ve got to be in a state of well-being in order to enjoy it fully.

·      Walking

Maybe walking isn’t your thing and you’d rather do another form of a cardiovascular workout – and that’s fine – but walking is what most of us can do and is amazing for mental alertness while boosting energy levels. 

What’s the number one reason women state why they are not in the mood – they are too tired.  After a long day of multi-tasking, busy with work and home life, all a woman (and sometimes men) may want to do in bed is to simply fall asleep. 

Lack of energy is a sex drive spoiler so the solution is finding a way to prevent it.  A brisk walk several times a week can do wonders for all of us but certainly so in the bedroom arena.

·      Aerobics class

Good circulation is a must for both men and women.  Men need adequate blood flow to the penis to achieve and maintain an erection.  Women also require good blood flow to the genitals to cause engorgement necessary to heighten sexual sensation. This extra blood flow will increase lubrication within the vagina, reducing pain upon penetration while also reducing the risk of developing a urinary tract infection.

The totality of good blood flow helps a couple to reach a higher level of arousal resulting in powerful orgasms.

Joining an aerobics class or even running stimulates circulation throughout the body improving aerobic capacity and endurance levels, both coming in handy in the bedroom.

·      Weight lifting or resistance training

Both men and women need to engage in some form of weight lifting to achieve and maintain muscle mass.  When muscle mass is increased it also increases testosterone levels, a necessary hormone responsible for sexual desire and drive in both men and women.

Women in particular, need to have good hormonal balance to keep interested in sex and for the mechanics of sexual arousal.  If everything is working like it should, sex will feel so much better leading to a stronger and frequent desire for it.

Weight lifting along with other physical activity can help regulate hormones in women along with reducing the bothersome symptoms associated with premenstrual symptoms – bloating, cramping, mood swings – and can make it easier to get in the mood for sex.

·      Pilates

Similar to yoga, Pilates is designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture and is enhances a long, lean look.  It also focuses on strengthening pelvic floor muscles critical for improving sexual sensation and intense orgasms.

Becoming fit and toned through physical activity will also give a shot of adrenaline to your self-image. Never view exercise as being vain.  Exercise is required for achieving and preserving good health and well-being.  Don’t take for granted your health and don’t take for granted your sex life.  Both need proper nurturing to keep them alive and well.