Incredible benefits of a resistance band workout

Incredible benefits of a resistance band workout

It’s time to say goodbye to boring workouts. If you’ve done everything from using free weights to barbells to weight machines to gain muscle and strength, the one thing you may have overlooked is resistance bands. Inexpensive and effective resistance bands are a great alternative to weights or any traditional weight training program.  These versatile bands will work your muscles in a completely different way than weights do making them a perfect workout for switching it up with your fitness training.

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Advantages of using resistance bands

Maybe using resistance bands may seem too easy or only intended for those needing physical therapy or just starting out working using resistance.  Never underestimate resistance bands ability for helping you make excellent strides in gaining strength, flexibility, and muscle mass.  Here are just a few reasons why you need to make them a part of your workout routine:

·      Resistance bands allow you to move in all directions – When using weights, you are limited in the muscle groups worked and the direction of the movement.  Gravity decides where the weight comes from so you get more resistance during one part of the movement than the other.  Resistance bands work much like a cable machine, allowing you to keep a constant tension on the muscle, making it feel harder.  The bands help to deepen the strength of just about every muscle in the body allowing you to get creative in strengthening and stretching your muscles.

·      Resistance bands can be a challenging workout – Even though the thought of working with bands may not appear that challenging, it doesn’t mean you are not getting a good workout. With weights, you know exactly how much you’re lifting.  With bands, you can only go by how it feels and the tension of the band. But, if you use good form, your muscle fibers won’t know the difference between weights or bands.  Use the bands to create resistance in all directions from the side, overhead, below, etc.

·      Resistance bands travel well – There is probably no other piece of exercise equipment, with the exception of a jump rope, that travels quite as easily and well as resistance bands do. They can be easily packed in a suitcase for travel and then used in your hotel room.  They are the perfect choice when you’re short on time and may not have access to regular gym equipment.  They also provide the convenience of exercising anywhere with enough floor space. 

·      Resistance bands increase coordination – Due to the tension you’ll feel throughout the moves, this will be helping to create stabilization in your body.  This leads to improvements in coordination and balance as it involves multiple muscle groups. 

·      Resistance bands provide variety – Lifting weights can be limiting on how many different types of exercise you can do.  Resistance bands break up this monotony as they allow you to change your positioning in various ways.  This provides a great opportunity in how your body works and how the resistance feels.

·      Resistance bands are inexpensive - For the budget-conscious exerciser, this will be one of the cheapest investments you’ll probably.  Ranging from $6 to $30, it depends on where you buy them and how many different sizes you get.   Another advantage of resistance bands is they take up hardly any space like bulky weight machines do.  This make them very easily stored in hideaway areas such as under a bed or in a drawer.   

·      Resistance are perfect for all fitness levels – From complete beginners to seasoned exercisers, resistance bands can be used by anyone at any fitness level.  They can be used for basic moves or to add intensity to traditional moves.  They can also be performed standing or sitting down, making them ideal for anyone who requires the need to be seated when exercising. 

Getting started using resistance bands

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase and try out using resistance bands, be sure to follow proper techniques in doing so.  To get you started, here is a link to a 10 minute beginning workout using a bowtie resistance band, great for quick workouts at home or on the road.