Finding the best workout based on your personality


 Finding the best workout based on your personality

Your best friend may love the calming zen-like quality of yoga while you abhor it. Or your spouse enjoys playing hours of golf that you find overly time-consuming.  Maybe you’ve struggled to find the “perfect” workout that fits your likes and temperament that keeps you motivated wanting to do it again and again.

No matter what your personality, there is a workout routine for you. Whether you’re someone who enjoys sweating it up with others led by a group leader or are you more the type who would rather jog for miles by yourself, finding a workout to fit your unique personality is out there. Choosing the right exercise for you is crucial as it will determine how long you will stick with it depending on how well you enjoy the routine.

The nice thing is there is no one perfect exercise.  Luckily, there are many good options to choose from.  Finding the right one that fits your personality and exercise style is important – if you hate jogging or working out in a group class, it won’t be long before you quit the regimen. 

Here are various types of fitness activities to help you determine which one appeals to you the most according to your personality:

·      Walking, running, or cycling

Perfect for people who are self-starters and if that includes you, then walking, running, or cycling is your mode of exercise.  These activities can be done with others but they are ideal for those of us who like our alone time and where we are in charge of the workout.  We get to decide the time, day, and length of our workouts with no instructor to follow and no rules set in stone.  You can create your own workouts, moving at your own pace.  Even better, these activities provide opportunities to improve – increase distance, take a more challenging course or work on gaining speed. 

·      Strength  training

Again, lifting weights is generally a solo activity but anyone who is a beginner, should consider hiring a personal trainer.  Personal trainers can provide valuable tips on proper form and poundage of weight to lift to avoid any injuries.  If you like following a specific plan or a specific list of exercises for each muscle group, then lifting weights is for you.  Anyone who also enjoys keeping detailed records of their progress will mostly likely find strength training a good fit.

·      Yoga or Pilates

If you are someone who likes the idea of connecting your mind, body, and spirit through exercise, yoga or Pilates should be right up your alley.  Even though these two types of exercise are similar, they do have some differences between them.  Many yoga classes are flexible in routine but depending on the style and the instructor, will determine the basic routine. 

If you like a more structured environment, then Pilates may suit you better.  You know more likely what to expect when you walk in the door. If you’re into meditation, yoga is the way to go.  Many yoga classes use a chant or meditation to bring in the focus of the movements.  Wearing stretchy or loose-fitting comfortable clothing is a must.  If you are shy about being seen in clingy workout clothes many students wear, then these exercises may not be for you.  But if that is not a bother, go for it.

·      Martial arts

For people who enjoy physical activity involving a group of others to work out with should really consider martial arts.  This form of workout is great for anyone who likes a more regimented, regular practice in which you compete to earn different belts tracking your progress. Group interactivity is perfect for those who like to work out with others helping you to learn to rely and support one another. 

·      Swimming or water aerobics

Swimming and/or water aerobics provide both recreation and physical activity for a wide range of individuals.  For those who like being in a group setting, then water aerobics could be your thing.  These classes may be conducted in an outdoor or indoor pool and usually use music to inspire students making workouts fun.   Water aerobics is also a perfect form of exercise that is easy on the joints making it especially beneficial for people with arthritis or other mobility problems. 

Swimming is more of a solo activity but can be very good for anyone who enjoys being in the water and is dedicated to getting themselves to a pool to work out several times a week.