Time to try out a trampoline workout


If you consider jumping on a trampoline as only child’s play, you need to reconsider that thought.  Once a fad of the 1970s and early 1980s, mini trampolines, called rebounders, are seeing a resurgence in the fitness industry with trampoline classes popping up in gyms across the country. 

It seems like fitness enthusiasts are always looking for that next new form of exercise that will meet their needs in obtaining the body they want getting themselves in great shape. And a trampoline workout just might be the one for you too.

Benefits of bouncing

Bouncing on a trampoline is a great cardiovascular workout meeting the requirement of being a vigorous exercise but with substantially less stress on joints. If pounding it out on pavement is wearing on your joints, this low-impact antigravity cardio workout may be your answer. 

Jumping on a trampoline reduces impact by 40 percent.  This allows you to work out harder with a faster recovery since your body won’t be taking a beating as it does when doing impact exercises on the ground.  High-impact exercise such as jumping rope or running on a hard surface can increase the likelihood of injury along with joint wear and tear over time. 

The advantage of a trampoline workout is that the same high-impact movements of regular exercise can be performed on a trampoline for an equivalent or more intense workout without impact.  A person can run, do jumping jacks, jump rope (without the rope) perform high knee lifts, and other movements faster and longer on a trampoline than on a hard surface since the force and resistance are different.  Many people find that muscular pain often associated with high-impact workouts may be reduced when the same exercises are performed on a trampoline.

One unique and significant benefit gained from jumping on a trampoline is that it has a positive effect on your body at a molecular and cellular level.  Oncologists have been known to recommend to their patients who are in remission to start rebounding as it can help cleanse the lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system is how your body gets rid of harmful substances within the body providing an advantage to supporting your immune system and overall good health. 

Other advantages of a trampoline workout include the following:

·      Improvements in balance

·      Improvements in strength can be made when rebounding is added to a standard circuit weight training

·      This exercise can address special needs such as modified workouts for stroke rehabilitation and children with intellectual disabilities.

·      Can aid in weight loss for diabetes and obesity

·      Has also been shown to help improve coordination, core strength, posture, pain relief, mental clarity, blood cholesterol levels, and sleep

Be safe when jumping on a trampoline

For the most part, jumping on a mini-trampoline is relatively safe as long as it is used properly.  The most common injury occurs from falling off the trampoline.  To help minimize falls, there are stabilizing handlebars available to support those with balance issues.  Also be aware of the weight limit your particular trampoline can handle. 

The more dangerous trampolines are large ones found in backyards or at an indoor trampoline park.  A study found that there has been an increase in the number of hospital visits for children from injuries sustained from jumping on a home trampoline or at a trampoline park. 

The safest and easiest way to utilize a trampoline is to bounce on a mini-trampoline.  Mini-trampolines are also portable and easily incorporated into a home exercise space.  Many online workouts can be found on YouTube.com, Cardiobouncefitness.com, and Urbanrebounding.com.

If you want to ease stress on joints, get in better shape and love to bounce, a trampoline workout can be invigorating, enlightening and fun.