TRX: Latest Workout Trend?

A new workout trend is hitting gyms everywhere. Enter, the TRX suspension-training system. It increases the effectiveness on virtually ever exercise known. Why? Because it requires you to not only work against your body weight and gravity, but it forces you to constantly keep yourself stabilized. Adding tension like this to any move is going to up the ante. Every single move is a core exercise without you having to really think about it. 


It's been recommended to start this at your local gym or with a private trainer. They will help you learn and do the exercises in the right way. It's also important for effect and your safety to learn how to set up the TRX system properly, so there's less chance of injury. Try attending a TRX class is it's a small class. 

If you decide to purchase your own TRX system, you'll need to know how to anchor it. Wrap the yellow suspension anchor around a strong anchor point about 7-9 feet high and clip it in place with the carbineer. The anchor point should be at the right height and the black stabilizing loop should be about 6 feet off the group. The TRX, when fully extended, should have the foot cradles hang about 3 inches off the ground. 

The TRX cables adjust and you decide how long you want them to be based on the exercises desired to perform. To shorten the system, hold one strap, press down on the buckle with one thumb and pull up with the other hand on the yellow adjustment tab. For most TRX exercises, you'll use 1 of 4 standard lengths: short, mid-calf, mid-length and long.