Ultimate gift guide for fitness fanatics


Ultimate gift guide for fitness fanatics

Finding just the right gift for the fitness guru in your life may seem hard, but it doesn’t have to be. As the Holiday season approaches, finding just the perfect gift they will use and enjoy is easy when you think of what it is they like to do keeping themselves fit.

Here are some sensational suggestions for that active person on your Holiday shopping list:

·      For the gym rat

Sessions with a personal trainer - Even if they already have trained at a gym for years, it never hurts to work with a professional on unfamiliar machines or making sure they are using proper form. Personal trainers can provide one-on-one instructions about equipment and offer tips for getting more from a gym membership. Plus, personal trainers will customize a fitness program designed for them to help meet their fitness goals.

·      For the runner in your life

Heart rate monitor - Heart rate monitors of today are far different from those of days gone by. The newest heart rate monitors do much more than simply track beats per minute. Anyone who is serious about improving their running or planning on participating in a marathon, will appreciate heart rate monitors that not only target heart rate but also distance, speed, calories burned, and more.  Wrist models are recommended over a chest strap as they are easier to read while on the move.

·      For the avid cyclist

Gel bicycle seat – Bicycling always looks fun but sitting on an uncomfortable seat can turn this enjoyable activity into a literal pain in the rear. Keep your bottom happy by getting an upgraded bicycle seat. Gel seats are much more comfortable, especially for anyone participating in long distance bicycling. Before buying, know the model of the bicycle you are purchasing the seat for making sure it is compatible.

·      For the person on the go

Resistance bands – If there’s a jetsetter in your life traveling the world with little time to exercise, resistance bands is their answer. Small, lightweight, and very portable, resistance bands are a great gift for anyone who needs to squeeze in workouts on the go. Easily tucked into a suitcase, this gift will make it extremely easy reminding them to take time to fit in fitness. Look for resistance bands with handles for added comfort and purchase a full set with low, medium, and high resistance for the fit that will keep a workout challenging for years.

·      For the aerobics lover

Insulated water bottle – After a hot, sweaty workout on the treadmill or yoga class, nothing sounds better than a tall cool drink of water. And there’s no better way than to bring along an insulated water bottle.  Water bottles of today are far more sophisticated with various designs and colors making them a very fun purchase. Look for an insulated water bottle that keeps water chilled and can withstand being tossed about in a gym bag.

·      For all other fitness fanatics or wannabes

Here are some other ideas to consider for gifting for the health and fitness conscious people in your life:

·      Yoga mats

·      Workout bags

·      Passes to a new fitness studio

·      Gift certificate for a sports massage

·      Lightweight dumbbells

·      Ski or athletic socks

·      Headband set

·      Stainless steel food canister for storing trail mix or yogurt

·      Touchscreen gloves

·      Workout DVDs

·      Workout clothing

·      Jump rope

·      Wireless headphones

·      Kettlebell set

·      Water resistant jacket

·      Post workout essentials to freshen up – body cleanser, muscle recovery gel, dry shampoo, deodorant, body mist spray