Yoga: A smart move for men

 Mature couple in warrior yoga position. Side view. Horizontal.

Yoga: A smart move for men

One of the most beneficial exercise moves in the world is yoga.  Walk into any yoga class across America and the primary participates will usually be women.  However, ever so slowly, there are more and more men who have taken the plunge, their pride and their yoga mat to join the opposite sex in discovering the manly benefits yoga has to offer. 

Yoga has a wealth of health advantages men have finally recognized and are taking advantage of – enhanced strength, injury prevention, better sexual performance, increased calm and focus and improved flexibility.

Any man considering taking up yoga should go from consideration to actually doing this ancient form of exercise and here’s why:

·      Yoga helps a man achieve flexibility and balance

Men should not be intimidated by the “flexible” nature of yoga.  The truth is most people, men or women, who take up yoga are not that flexible to begin with but as they stick with it, their flexibility will improve.  Being flexible at the start of yoga is not a prerequisite.  The more classes a man attends regularly, he’ll notice his flexibility becoming better each time.  He’ll be able to reach a little farther than the previous class.  As flexibility improves, his balance becomes better also.

·      Yoga can ease pain and reduces chance of injury

Men practicing yoga will notice right away that yoga gently alleviates pain by stretching areas of the body that rarely get that kind of attention.  And your body will wholeheartedly be thanking you for doing so. 

·      Yoga improves self-confidence in the bedroom

All that stretching from downward facing dog to warrior pose also goes a long way in increasing body awareness and self-confidence in the bedroom.  Yes, a man who practices yoga will notice improved sexual energy, stamina, desire, less premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction thanks to the fact yoga is great for increasing blood flow.  Joints and muscles benefit along with his manhood boosting bedroom performance.

·      Yoga boosts brain function

It’s been well-known that physical exercise can result in better brain function but research in the Journal of Physical Activity claims that 20 minutes of yoga each day can promote increased brain waves and better mental clarity compared to almost any other form of exercise including running.  The secret – connected body and breath movement.

·      Yoga relieves stress

Any man under stress needs to take up yoga.  There are several studies showing a link between yoga and lower levels of stress and anxiety.  Yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system which reduces levels of cortisol, a primary stress hormone that can harm thyroid function, damage muscle tissue, increase blood pressure, and cause inflammation. 

·      Yoga improves digestion

Need relief from a turbulent tummy?  Yoga may be the answer.  Some regular yoga enthusiasts swear that yoga is more effective than antacids when it comes to calming digestive issues.  The credit is given specific twisting postures, which massage the internal organs encouraging food digestion helping soothe tummy and bowel troubles.  A digestive system that hums along smoothly results in better nutrient absorption and increased energy.

·      Yoga reduces hunger cravings

Any man with concerns of a widening waistline needs to be doing yoga.  Regular yoga sessions can help squelch hunger pangs curbing a man’s appetite for mid-day snack attacks as well as the temptation to overeat.  Research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found yoga contributes to a stronger mind-body connection with better control over an out-of-control appetite. 

·      Yoga strengthens immune function

Hate being or getting sick?  Use yoga to build a strong immune system.  PLoSOne health journal found that yoga strengthens immunity at the cellular level by changing actual gene expression which in turn, improves a man’s internal defense.