10 Excuses We Make To Live Unhealthy Lives

We make a lot of excuses when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Not enough money, it's too expensive to buy produce, I'm too busy to exercise — These are just a few of those excuses. Now part of it is that there is so much information out there about how to live a healthy life and what habits really translate to that and it's overwhelming.  It can be frustrating and sometimes advice can seem quite complicated. We have 5 simple ways you can improve your health starting today. Gone are the days of debating what matters for your health. Here's some of the excuses we make and how to avoid them. 

I can’t afford to buy healthy food: The reality is we all spent money on what's most important to us. Yes more high-quality food is pricier but the fact is you're getting better and more nutrients for your dollar. Tip: buy produce that's in season, which won't be as expensive. Also, when lean meats are on sale, buy them in bulk. 

I just don’t like the taste of healthy food: This is often said but the truth is we're not taking the time to prepare our food. It's recommended you eat food 10 times before you determine if you really dislike it or not. You can acquire a taste for less sugary and fatty foods over time. 

I worked out today, so I can have this bowl of ice cream. Eating unhealthy even after a workout can undo all the benefits you gained during exercise. A half cup of ice cream is often 300 calories. You may only burn 400-600 calories in an hour's workout. Ask yourself, is it really worth it?

I eat healthy all week so I can indulge on the weekend. You simply cannot go crazy on the weekends. There's a fine line between treating yourself and gorging sweets and junk food. Eating double over the weekends will increase your overall intake and can cause weight gain over the long term. 

My family is overweight, so I'll always be. Not necessarily.While some research does show genetic links with regards to obesity, most cases lifestyle choices trump any genetic risk. The most common reason families are overweight is because of poor eating habits and those are being passed down. 

I can have another glass of wine—it’s healthy! Moderate wine consumption does have health benefits with regards to a nutrient called resveratrol that helps fight inflammation. The recommended glass per day is the only serving size. Anything more than that will add extra sugar and calories to your daily food intake. 

I skip breakfast, so I’m already cutting enough calories. Skipping meals is never going to result in weight loss. Your body enters starvation mode, storing fat, rather than burning it as energy. A 20120 study even showed that women who missed meals lost 8 fewer pounds than those who ate 3 squares a day. 

I can’t lose weight because I have kids. Having kids isn't an excuse either. In fact, commit to a healthier lifestyle so they'll be healthier. Teach your kids, along with yourself, about preparing meals at home, healthy snacking and hydration. 

Losing weight is impossible because I’m hungry all the time. If you're starving all the time, it means you're not eating enough or the right food options. Carbs, refined sugars and other junk food will make you very hungry. Dehydration and stress along with certain prescriptions can also create hunger. 

I’m not eating that much and the scale’s not budging. Losing weight is less about how much you eat, but what you eat. Most people eat very little and exercise for an hour. This one habit causes your body to also store fat as energy versus burning it. Think of your metabolism as a fire that constantly has to be stoked, otherwise it will burn out.