10 Weight Loss Tweaks

We've talked about all types of weight loss strategies and trends recently on the blog. From intermittent fasting and weight loss myths to juicing and detoxing for losing weight, there are sure no shortages of tips. However, we wanted to bring it back to basics and to something that often overlooked as a weight loss strategy, and that's self-esteem. More often than not, people lose weight thinking they will develop self-esteem and while this can seem the case in the beginning of a massive weight loss journey, deeper self-esteem issues can make for a long and difficult or vicious cycle of crash diets and starving yourself. 

Most people feel they would feel a lot better if they lose a few pounds. For others, weight loss is a lifelong battle. One of the major reasons people struggle with weight loss is if they have a busy lifestyle. Constantly being on-the-go can really be a major inhibitor of any healthy habit if you're not extremely disciplined. Here are 8 tips for those who are on-the-go. 


1.. Eat smaller portions: You don't need to cook all your own food and eat different foods to lose weight. You just need to eat less and eating less doesn't take any more time or money. For both men and women, most of the time eating between 1200-1500 calories per day will help them lose weight in a healthy sustainable way. Skipping dessert and eating small portions and not going back for seconds will have a healthy weight loss effect. 

2. Add more activity: On top of your 30 minutes 5 days a week, or if you're struggling to even get that in, some people may see more success if they break up their exercise into weekly moderate exercise for short bursts throughout the day. Fitting in 10 minutes in the morning, at lunch and at night for five days a week may be the right approach to reach your exercise goals but not feel like you need a massive chunk of time to get there. 

3. Don't skip meals: Yes it's important to eat less overall but not by skipping meals. People who are on-the-go tend to do this. Going more than four or five hours without refueling your body will slow down your metabolism causing your body to enter starvation mode and store fat. Erratic eating patterns like just coffee in the morning and no real food until later afternoon is not going to give your body the energy it needs to burn fat, hence weight loss. Try have 5-6 small meals throughout the day if you don't have time to sit down for a 3-course dinner. 

4. Practice food swaps: Leave the cheese of the hamburger, switch from mayo to mustard, leave behind the canola oil and embrace the olive oil. Small food choices can really impact your weight loss success. Little swaps throughout the day and limiting additives like sugar and fattening salad dressings can have massive effects than depriving yourself. Think about what you're drinking. Cutting back on soda, orange juice and dairy can really help gear your body into an energetic fat burning machine. 

5. Get enough sleep: More and more studies show that sleeping is directly linked to weight loss. If you're sleep deprived, no exercise or diet regimen will satisfy your body enough if it feels tired and overworked. Achieving 7-9 hours of sleep in the long run is the better approach even if getting up early to get stuff done seems right or staying up late. It can really backfire and prevent your body from functioning properly. 

6. Eat more colorful fruits and veggies. Fruits and veggies high in fiber and nutrients and low in calories including tossed salads, cooked veggies and veggie-based soups hare great options. Look at your plate and half of it should be filled with fruits and vegetables. Think bright red green peppers and blueberries. 

7. Cook: Cooking at home is always going to be the healthier option. Store-bought food, restaurant food and takeout contains more calories, salt and sugar. Take a cooking class if you don't know how to cook. 

8. Eat healthy snacks: Apples dipped in almond butter, celery with hummus, plain yogurt with honey. There are endless amounts of healthy snack ideas. 

9. Drink more water: German researchers have found that, after drinking about 17 ounces of water, study subjects' metabolic rates increased by about 30 percent. The effects were quick and relatively long-lasting: The rise occurred within 10 minutes of drinking the water and lasted for up to 40 minutes. Based on their findings, the researchers estimate that increasing your water consumption by 1.5 liters a day could burn an extra 17,400 calories in a year.



10. Eat out the smart way: Think about what you're eating, how your meal is prepared and how much comes on the plate. Skip the bread basket and start with a salad or vegetable-based soup. Choose grilled fish, chicken or tofu and include lots of fresh veggies. Always choose steamed instead of fried.