15 Ways to Use Maple Syrup

We've talked about refined sugars (white sugar) and artificial sweeteners as being one part of our diet that needs to be limited. So if we get rid of these sugars, what can we have? The answer is better sources of natural sugar. Maple syrup is one of them. Believe it or not, all-natural maple syrup, straight from the bark, can boost your immune system, calm stomach cramps and slow the aging process. But look for the natural ones, preferably straight from a maple farm. Traditional pancake syrups are often made with processed sugars like corn syrup.


1. Whisk it into your homemade dressings for a touch of sweetness and a surprising flavor.

2. Sweeten fresh whipped cream slightly (and you control the sugar content!)

3. Stir a teaspoon into oatmeal as a sweetener (say goodbye to the sugar packets.)

4. Drizzle on turkey bacon (to get the full-fat bacon experience) but the healthy way.

5. Drizzle on tomatoes and roast - You won't believe the deep, delicious flavor you'll get.

6. Make homemade maple butter

7. Add it to yogurt

8. Stir into a morning cup of coffee and tea

9. Add it to mashed sweet potatoes

10. Add it to chicken or pork before roasting

11. Make homemade granola and use maple syrup as the binder

12. Stir it into polenta

13. Add it to a homemade mustard (better than any honey mustard you'll ever have!)

14. Prepare candied nuts with a healthier sweetener option (great for the upcoming holidays!)

15. For those guilty moments: drizzle it over ice cream (forget the hot fudge!)