Trick yourself to lose weight

1.     Trick your brain into eating smaller portions. Eat on smaller plates. A huge piece of chicken looks a lot larger on a medium sized plate than it does on a large platter. And a small serving of rice is much more appealing in a small bowl than in a large one. You can only fit so much food onto smaller dishes. Just don't use this method as an excuse to go back for seconds.

2.     Always try to eat at a table. Eating on the go, at your work desk, or in front of the television can be harmful to your weight-loss plan. Research shows that focusing on food, with minimal distractions, can help you enjoy flavors and reduce overeating. Eating at the table can also help with portion control: Prepare your meal, and then commit to yourself that you won't go back to the kitchen for seconds.

3.     Eat before going to the grocery store. If you go to the grocery store on an empty stomach, you’re more likely to buy whatever you think would satisfy your hunger at that moment. Research shows that shoppers bought more high-calorie foods in the hours leading up to dinnertime than earlier in the day. So make sure to have a snack that is packed with protein before you go to the grocery store. Or, plan your trip to the grocery store after a meal. And don't go grocery shopping without a list of healthy foods.

4.     Only eat half the portions at a restaurant, pack the rest to go. Restaurant meals are often too big and loaded with calories and sodium. This is hard to do halfway through the meal, so ask for one half to be packed up as soon as it arrives. This leaves you with a reasonably sized plate of food, as well as an additional meal for another time.

5.     Keep healthy food stocked and visible. A recent study shows that thought process is pretty common. The research suggests that people who eat healthy often do so because nutritious foods like fruits and veggies are visible and easy to reach. Therefore, buy a fruit bowl and put some fruit you like in it. Another option is to keep cut up veggies right in front in your fridge.