Foods that burn more calories than they contain

Celery is not the only food that actually makes you burn more calories than it provides. There are a number of other delicious, yet healthy foods one can eat to burn calories while trying to lose weight. These foods not only burn more calories than they provide, but also contain additional minerals and nutrients that are essential for a healthy diet. Therefore, these are great additions to add to any meal while trying to shed some pounds and improve your eating habits.

Cucumbers. Calorie content: 100g contains 16 calories. Cucumbers are made up mostly of water. They are an excellent source of vitamin C and can be effective in reducing any high levels of inflammation in the body. They also contain ascorbic acid and caffeic acid, which helps prevent water retention.

Asparagus. Calorie content: 100g contains 20 calories. Asparagus contains antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation. It can also help to improve your metabolic rate and has diuretic nutrients that can aid in getting rid of harmful toxins. Additionally, they are rich in folate, which makes it a good food for pregnant women as folate is beneficial during pregnancy.

Cauliflower. Calorie content: 100g contains 25 calories. Cauliflower contains no fat. It is rich in Vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber. Cauliflower is also rich in flavor, so there is no need to have to add additional spices and things to make it taste good. A good way to eat cauliflower is when it is lightly steamed or even raw. This way, it will remain crunchy. It will also make you feel fuller longer because will take you longer to chew, giving your body more time to realize that you are actually full.

Celery. Calorie content: 100g contains 16 calories. Celery is made up of 75 percent water and 25 percent fiber. Because it is rich in water, you are able to burn more calories while eating it as opposed to gaining them. Celery is a great snack while trying to lose weight because it takes more calories to eat celery than celery contains.

Tomatoes. Calorie content: 100g contains 18 calories. Tomatoes are rich in flavor and lycopene. It is actually the lycopene that gives tomatoes their vibrant red color. They are rich in vitamin C and low in calories. Tomatoes are also an antioxidant which helps lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Prior research says that cooked tomatoes are the most beneficial. Cooked tomatoes can have the same benefits as statins for people with high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Papaya. Calorie content of papaya: 100g contains 43 calories. Fresh papayas have less calories per gram. Therefore, eating fresh papaya makes you feel full without going over your daily limit. They are rich in antioxidants, fiber, as well as vitamins C, E, and A. They also have digestive enzyme called papain which can help with digestion. Their fiber content can help lower cholesterol and with constipation.

 Chili peppers. Calorie content of chili peppers: 100g contains 40 calories. Chili peppers are known to be hot and spicy. These are actually one of the best foods for burning calories. They contain capsaicin which helps boost your metabolic rate and as a result helps the body burn more calories right after eating them. Raw chili peppers are a great addition to meals. Or, since they are used to make hot sauce and chili flakes, try adding one of these to your next meal for additional spiciness, flavor, and a boost in your metabolic rate. Chili peppers are also great for curbing your appetite.

 Apples. Calorie content of apples: 100g contains 52 calories. The best kind of apples to eat are green apples. Specifically, granny smith green apples. This is because green apples are rich in dietary fiber and help you feel fuller for a longer amount of time. Prior research has shown that dietary fiber is can help with weight loss as it curbs your appetite. Their high fiber content also makes them have a lower glycemic index compared to other fruits.

Coffee. Calorie content of plain black coffee: 0-2 calories. Just one cup of black coffee is all you need to jump start your day. It is best to drink it black as that contains little to no calories, which is great when trying to lose weight. Try to limit or avoid adding sugar or milk, as this can significantly increase the calorie intake. Black coffee also boosts your metabolic rate which can also help curb your appetite.