Want to lost weight? Eat these foods

Want to lost weight? Eat these foods.


·       Calorie content: 100g contains 18 calories

·       Lots of flavor

·       Full of lycopene (gives tomatoes their bright red color)

·       Low in calorie content

·       Rich in vitamin C

·       Powerful anti-oxidant, essential for good health as it helps lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes

·       Health benefits increase when cooked

o   Scientists say cooked tomatoes can have the same benefits as statins for patients battling against high cholesterol levels or high blood pressure

o   Could be an ‘effective alternative’ to statins, the class of drugs commonly prescribed for these conditions which can lead to heart problems, according to a study

o   Just 2 ounces of tomato paste or 1 pint of juice a day could be enough to help many patients


·       Calorie content:100g contains 16 calories

·       Made mostly of water

·       Great source of vitamin C

·       Can reduce high levels of inflammation in the body

·       Contains ascorbic acid and caffeic acid help prevent water retention


·       Calorie content: 100g contains 20 calories

·       Contains diuretic nutrients that can help remove toxins (good way to detox)

·       Can help boost metabolic rate

·       Rich in folate (which makes it an ideal food for pregnant women as folate can reduce the risk of life-threatening conditions)

·       Contains anti-inflammatory antioxidants


·       Calorie content: 100g contains 25 calories

·       Contains no fat

·       High in Vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber

·       Has a very strong flavor, good enough to eat on its own

o   Eat raw or lightly steamed so it remains crunchy; it will take you longer to chew which will give your body the time to realize you're full



·       Calorie content: 100g contains 16 calories

·       75% water; 25% fiber

o   High water content means you’ll burn more calories eating it than it actually contains

·       Rich in sodium and potassium

·       Can be added to a post-workout juice for electrolyte replacement

Lean, low-calorie meats

·       Lean meats such as pork, turkey and chicken are excellent sources of protein

o   Makes digestive system work harder

o   Boosts resting metabolic rate

o   Helps burn more calories

o   Takes more energy to digest meat proteins than it does to digest carbohydrates

·       Calorie content of lean pork: 100g contains 145 calories

·       Calorie content of turkey leg: 100g contains 144 calories

·       Calorie content of chicken breast: 100g contains 172 calories

·       Great source of energy

o   Will keep you fuller longer

·       Fat contains more calories per gram than protein does per gram

o   Trimming all visible fat from meat or choosing lean meat such as chicken makes your meal lower in calories


·       Calorie content of papaya: 100g contains 43 calories

·       When fresh, contains less calories per gram, so eating it allows you to fill up without actually affecting your quota for the day

·       Rich in antioxidants & vitamins C, E, and A

·       Contains digestive enzyme, papain

·       Rich in fiber

o   Good for combating constipation and keeping cholesterol in check

·       Compared to oranges:

o   Just as rich in vitamin C

o   Contain 15x more of the antioxidant beta-cryptoxanthin

§  Thought to reduce the risk of polyarthritis (where the condition affects several joints at once)



·       Calorie content of chili peppers: 100g contains 40 calories

·       Mouth-burning sensation makes the hot pepper one the best calorie-burning foods

·       Contains capsaicin

o   Has the ability to boost metabolic rate, which causes the body to burn more calories immediately after you eat them

·       The amount of calories is so negligible that when you eat them, they end up burning more calories than you actually consume

·       Try adding hot sauce or chili flakes to your dishes

o   Eating more of them can help curb your appetite



·       Calorie content of apples: 100g contains 52 calories

·       Eat GREEN apples, not red

o   Granny Smiths are best

·       Green apples are rich in dietary fiber

o   Helps you feel fuller for longer periods of time

o   A study published in 2013 in 'ISRN Obesity' reported that dietary fiber enhances satiety, reduces hunger and is beneficial for weight loss – so for those looking to lose weight, apples are perfect

·       Rich in fiber

o   Makes it lower on the glycemic index than many other fruits