5 Weight Loss Myths

Yes, there are many weight loss myths infused throughout our culture. There are so many diets out there and weight loss tips. Many of them can work if integrated into a healthy lifestyle plan. We've talked about all types of weight loss strategies and trends recently on the blog. From intermittent fasting and weight loss myths to juicing and detoxing for losing weight, there are sure no shortages of tips. However many people make a lot of mistakes when they choose to go on a diet or lose weight. So often we cling to unsupported studies that we heard somewhere, statistics taken out of context. We insist they must be true, because a friend heard it from a friend who used to want to be a personal trainer. 


1. Do a million sit-ups and you'll loss that belly fat: Wrong, by doing as you say 'a million' sit-ups will strengthen you abdominal muscles but they won't shrink your belly. Exercise doesn't target areas for weight loss, it targets muscle areas to strengthen.

2. Breakfast is the key to lose weight. Wrong again, it's not completely black and white. Evidence is quite contradictory. What we know for certain is sleep acts like a fasting period overnight, breakfast or breaking that fast helps rev up your metabolism as you start the day.

3. No carbs allowed. This couldn't be more wrong. Healthy carbs are an essential food group for a healthy diet. Not eating bread isn't going to magically shed tons of pound but changing the type you eat is another story. Sprouted grain or rice breads break down in the body differently and are not based in white flour. Whole grain is a great choice too as it is high in fiber. 

4. All fat is bad. Heard of healthy fats? Yes they are real. Unhealthy dietary fats include saturated fat and trans fat.  These fats are commonly found in animal food sources.  Saturated fat raises blood cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad” cholesterol) and can increase your risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. We've spoken about the Mediterranean diet which is high in good fats like nuts and avocados and can help you lose weight. 

5. Hardcore exercise is the key. Not true. A healthy and successful weight loss plan is mostly focusing on the foods you consume with a health exercise regimen. 

For now, if diet and weight loss are a part of your everyday routine, stick to the facts. Know that everyone is different, and experience diet and weight loss differently. It’s difficult to find weight loss solutions using poorly-researched data, but Dr. Allison and his colleagues are taking steps in the right direction.