8 Diet Mistakes Everyone Makes

There are so many diets out there and weight loss tips. Many of them can work if integrated into a healthy lifestyle plan. We've talked about all types of weight loss strategies and trends recently on the blog. From intermittent fasting and weight loss myths to juicing and detoxing for losing weight, there are sure no shortages of tips. However many people make a lot of mistakes when they choose to go on a diet or lose weight. Here are the top 9 mistakes to avoid and a few tips to apply to your journey. 


9 Diet Mistakes Everyone Makes

1. Eating Hardly Anything: Not eating enough or skipping meals is a surefire way to slow your metabolism down and store fat. Your body enters starvation mode and it also leads to binge eating. Instead start the day with a high-protein and veggie-rich breakfast and be sure to plan for lunch. 

2. Focusing on calories too much: Losing weight is not just about counting calories, and who really has the time to do that? Think about your overall health goal(s) for losing weight and also understand the science behind how and why we lose weight. Reducing inflammation which is something we've talked about a lot on the blog, is one of the driving forces for weight loss. 

3. Striving for perfection: This is unrealistic. I would say if you stick to your diet and make small changes 75% of the time. Making unreachable goals is going to quickly make you frustrated and give up. Start small like going to the gym 2-3 times per week and wait until that's established as a routine and your body and mind will naturally want more.

4. Weighing yourself every day: Along with unrealistic weight loss goals, is weighing yourself each day. This is a dangerous path. Our weight can fluctuate every hour depending on how much water we're drinking and the foods we're eating as well as how much sleep we had got that night. Weight loss comes in highs and lows and we all can experience plateaus. Set modest goals and long-term goals and track your progress but don't weigh yourself every day. But when you do weight yourself, be sure it's early in the morning, the second you wake up. Oh and one more tip, be sure to empty your bladder before stepping on the scale. 

5. Solo dieting: Let's all face it, dieting can be real. This is especially true if you have a family, are in college surrounded by friends and even at work with your coworkers. There are so many temptations and we tend to become diet snobs and critique others eating habits but the key is to focus on your own goal. Don't tuck yourself away from everyone. Join in the fun. This is truly the secret to maintaining massive weight loss for years to come. If you are on a strict diet, and hole up in your room, how will you ever learn to sensibly join any eating social activity and not overindulge at every opportunity. It also helps to have a gym or diet buddy, so if one of your family members or friends is hinting to wanting to lose weight, ask them if they'll join you on this journey. 

6. Stocking the kitchen: To avoid any further temptation, be sure to stock your pantry with only healthy options. That way you won't feel tempted at all. It creates a situation on where the healthy choice is the only choice. 

7. Unhealthy snacking: Everyone has emotional triggers that leads to unhealthy eating choices such as drinking alcohol, couch surfing and the like. But these triggers can cause us to abandon our healthy diets as well. Stay alert of these triggers and fight them by being prepared with healthy snacking options.

8. Giving all of it up: We like to make huge declarations to ourselves that we'll give up sugar, alcohol and butter forever. Well that's great, but will you? Probably not. The question is how can you integrate the foods you truly enjoy indulging in but only once in awhile and in a decent portion? Remember, losing weight is quite easy. Maintaining it is the hardest part. As you go along your weight loss journey, try picking up habits and establishing them as your daily routine not just for your diet.