8 Reasons to Drink Black Coffee

There's been a number of reviews around studies that have cited the benefits of various aspects of drinking coffee. Most studies recognize a "cup of coffee" being an 8 ounce serving and when we talk about coffee, we mean black coffee, not with milk, sugar, syrup and other additives. Across the board of most studies, 3-4 cups per day for most everyone is where the peak benefit can be traced to.  Pregnant women and those who suffer from acid reflux and other issues should stay away.


8 Amazing Reasons to Drink Black Coffee

  1. Develop enhanced focus 
  2. Embrace the antioxidants
  3. Savor the yummy flavor
  4. It helps boost your energy
  5. It increases the happy hormones and helps fight depression
  6. Substitute coffee for soda
  7. Improve cognitive function
  8. Helps fight cancer