Best foods keeping you full longer 


Best foods keeping you full longer 

It’s a commonality we all share – finding healthy foods that create a full but not a stuffed feeling.  What we are really looking for are foods giving us a feeling of satiety - the perception of fullness that lingers in the hours after a meal and keeps us from eating until the next mealtime.

Fortunately, there are plenty of foods providing a feeling of satiety. Satiety-giving foods are packed with fullness boosters – water, air, soluble fiber, protein, and healthy fats  - keeping us from going back for second or third helpings.  This means there’s a good chance eating these foods may actually aid in weight loss along with reducing our risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 

The combinations of foods with lots of water, fiber, protein or fat are key to preventing you from getting hungry again too soon. Water-filled foods help fill up your tummy and when paired with fiber, it’s a one-two punch for fullness. Hunger is often confused with thirst and that’s why drinking a tall glass of water can nix hunger cravings. Protein boosts fullness by keeping food in your stomach longer so you feel less hungry and fat breaks down very slowly, also contributing to a satisfied, full feeling.

Here are 7foods that will fill you up with a satiety feeling without weighing you down:

1.     Soup

Many studies have shown eating a bowl of soup does indeed fill you up causing you to consume less calories.  The warm flavored liquid base of soups fills up your stomach causing less likelihood of overeating the rest of the meal.  Choose broth-based soups like chicken noodle or a soup brimming with fiber-rich vegetables and beans.  Creamed-based soups such as broccoli cheddar may fill you up but can also add extra calories. 

2.     Eggs

Eggs are so versatile.  They can be used in any meal of the day and this protein-packed oval wonder is what gives eggs an edge in satiety power.  Research at the University of Washington has shown people who consume 30 percent of their calories as protein eat 441 fewer calories throughout the rest of the day.  And if you eat a protein rich breakfast, that’s even better.  The Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated a high-protein breakfast which included eggs, helped women feel less hungry and able to resist tempting snacks during the day.  The secret is a powerful hormone called Peptide YY secreted after a high-protein breakfast stimulating the satiety feeling for hours after a meal.  Pack you breakfast with protein-filled eggs by fixing them scrambled, as an omelet or hard-boiled. 

3.     Apples

There’s nothing quite like biting into a crunchy, crisp apple.  From the first bite, you know this fulfilling fruit is a winner for satiety.  But, always eat it with the peel on for additional fiber and important nutrients.  In fact, eating an apple 15 minutes before a meal can prevent a person eating about 187 fewer calories than those who eat applesauce or drink apple juice. 

4.     Beans

It’s a good thing to be full of beans for keeping you feeling full but not stuffed. What’s their secret? They are packed with fiber and protein, the perfect combination to fill you up keeping hunger a bay.  Fiber adds bulk to your diet causing slower digestion while protein does the same keeping the body working additionally hard to digest the macronutrient.

5.     Nuts

Just about any nut can do the job of creating improved satiety.  People who regularly eat nuts such as almonds, walnuts, peanuts, or pistachios, tend to weigh less than people who don’t.  One reason is is the type of healthyfat they contain – monounsaturated fat which is more satisfying than saturated fat.  They also are loaded with protein and fiber both which take longer to digest leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction.  Don’t forget one other aspect about nuts – their crunch factor.  The simple act of having to chew more can improve satiety.  Pair nuts with other foods such as sprinkling on top of yogurt, with fruit or cheese or toss them for a finishing touch on top of  a salad. 

6.     Avocados

You can’t go wrong choosing avocados as part of your diet and they deserve a spot as a food that fulfills without weighing you down.  This high fat fruit contains healthy monounsaturated fats along with plenty of fiber, making it a perfect food to quell hunger.  In fact, just half of an avocado has more than 25 percent of the recommended daily allowance for fiber.  Add avocados to salads, sandwiches, omelets, salsas, or use it to replace mayonnaise in recipes. 

7.    Greek Yogurt

What’s the difference between Greek yogurt and non-Greek yogurt?  Greek yogurt is made by straining the yogurt to remove the whey – the liquid remaining after the milk is curdled – resulting in a yogurt with less sugar, fewer carbohydrates and more protein.  That extra protein slows down digestion leaving you feeling fuller longer.  Read the labels on Greek yogurt looking for the words “live active cultures.” Studies have shown people who eat a cup of yogurt with probiotics added  lose more weight than those who eat  yogurts without them.

Other foods to consider

Besides the foods listed above, there are plenty of other satiating foods to choose from keeping you full, satisfied and content.  Here are a few others to consider keeping hunger cravings at bay:

·      Popcorn

·      Rice cakes

·      All berries

·      Artichokes

·      Tuna

·      Tomatoes

·      Leafy greens such as spinach, kale, or arugula