Importance of Self-Esteem for Weight Loss

We've talked about all types of weight loss strategies and trends recently on the blog. From intermittent fasting and weight loss myths to juicing and detoxing for losing weight, there are sure no shortages of tips. However, we wanted to bring it back to basics and to something that often overlooked as a weight loss strategy, and that's self-esteem. More often than not, people lose weight thinking they will develop self-esteem and while this can seem the case in the beginning of a massive weight loss journey, deeper self-esteem issues can make for a long and difficult or vicious cycle of crash diets and starving yourself. 


Recently, New York Time best selling author, Jessica Knoll, told her story of getting a fat mirror that brought on a sense of confidence. She spoke about a mirror she had purchased that made her look bigger but realized that we it's possible to always chase what you could look like instead of embracing what you are. Vivian Diller, a PhD and specialist in body image issues says we have an internal mirror that speaks to us. She notes that the real work and investment in ourselves isn't in changing our appearance so we're happy with ourselves but it's in editing our self-reportage so it's kinder and gentler.  "We need to learn to talk to ourselves with the same level of compassion we show our friends," Diller says.

Self-esteem as a concept isn't all that complicated. Self-esteem can be defined as confidence in one's own worth or abilities or possessing self-respect. Seems straightforward right? Yes. But building our self-esteem is the difficult part. Those with low self-esteem fall onto the negative side of most arguments as well as make bad decisions concerning themselves. 

On a weight loss journey? Here are some tips to build up your self-esteem along the way of shedding those pounds: 

  1. Own the idea that beauty, health and wellness come in various sizes. It can be considered a cliche but real beauty lives within you including your zest for life and fun-loving spirit and a smile that lights up your face as well as your compassion for others. If you exert these emotions and feelings outward, you can't help but begin to feel them inward. 
  2. Self-talk matters. Half the battle is realizing that your body and size are okay. Recognize how destructive an obsession to be thin can be over time. It deteriorates any self-esteem you have as well as your relationships with others. 
  3. Be positive about your size: Size diversity is important and understand that people naturally come in different sizes and builds. For larger women, it's especially important in our size-focused society to be a role model who radiates confidence, self-respect and friendliness for other adults, children and women. 
  4. Keep a journal. Try keeping what's called a "gratitude journal" where you write down three things you're grateful for each day. 
  5. Choose self-care: Take time each day to take time for yourself. Self care and healing can happen when you invest in the small things that enrich your life, like something as simple as listening to music, reading a novel, napping after lunch, laughing with your spouse or best friend as well as eating a nourishing meal.