Stop Mindlessly Eating

Mindless eating is something we're all guilty of but did you know it's one of the biggest proponents of weight gain? It usually starts when we're overwhelmed, feeling stressed, starving or tired. But consistently having this as a regular eating habit is a dangerous one. Here are 


. Serve vegetables first. It can be inconvenient and way out of your comfort zone but the point is so you can't just reach and get more food. And veggies is the one food group we all need more of that we tend to eat the least of. 

2. Serve dinner or the main dish from the stove or counter. You know what this means: you have to get up to get seconds. Guarantee you avoid doing this. 

3. Dinner plates should be 9-10 inches wide. Use a smaller plate and guess what? You'll eat less. 

4. Sit at a table with the TV off. Enough said.

5. Keep 2 or less cans of soda or other sugary juices and beverages in your fridge.

6. Keep kitchen counters organized, not messy. 

7. Snack foods should be placed in an inconvenient place