Summertime Eating Tips

Don't gain weight at your summer festivities this year. It's important to enjoy the baseball games, concerts, bonfires (yes, we love S'mores too) and the beach, but eating healthy can help you enjoy these events even more, versus feeling bloated. Here's our tips. 


1. Try these low to zero-calorie foods perfect for summer: 

  • Asparagus                               - Cauliflower                                - Peach
  • Apples                                     - Garlic                                          - Pineapple
  • Beet                                         - Green beans                              - Radish
  • Blueberries                             - Honeydew                                 - Raspberries
  • Broccoli                                  - Hot chili peppers                      - Strawberries
  • Cranberries                            - Lemon/lime                               - Tomato
  • Cantaloupe                            - Mango                                        - Tangerine
  • Carrots                                   - Orange                                       - Turnip
  • Chicory                                   - Papaya                                       - Watermelon


2. Healthy summer eating begins with the grill. 

There are many health benefits to grilling food. For one, a lot of excess fat drips off meat and cooks away, leaving less fat in the finished product. Grilling allows vegetables to retain more of their vitamins and minerals. The high heat from the grill seals moisture in the food, keeping it tender, leaving less of a need to add extra oils or butter in the cooking process. It gives food such a delicious, natural flavor that you may not add sugary additives and sauces after. When meats are grilled, they retain riboflavin and thiamine, which are essential nutrients. 

Grilling is another way to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and instill healthy eating habits. The key is staying away from unnecessary additives like sauces, oils and butters. 

Try grilling fish, your favorite veggies (even brussel sprouts can taste delicious grilled) and chicken. Our favorites are grilled lemon chicken, eggplant, veggie skewers, and grilled fruit for a sweet ending to your summer meal.

3. Eat carbs now

Carbs in the summer? This doesn't seem right.  Warm months are no place for hearty meals when we are trying to stay slim and fit into our bikinis, right? But if you think about it, the summer is when we are most active and expending the most energy. Whether we are at the beach, swimming, riding bikes or just spending more time outdoors - we are much more active than we were in the winter. So it follows that with all this extra activity, we can afford the carbs in the summertime.

People are typically cutting carbs to lose weight, but typically this is water weight you are losing. So you might be battling the bloat, but you won't see any real results but just cutting carbs. The goal is not to lose water weight but to lose fat. The way to do this is more exercise, clean eating and smaller meals. Moreover, during a time that you are using up a lot of energy, keeping carbs in your diet - this means grains, fruits and beans - will help you enjoy more of those summer activities without burning out.

4. At a baseball game? Swap the chili dog, fries and soda for a regular hot dog and light beer. At a concert? Avoid frozen cocktails and try a mojito instead which only has about 170-230 calories per drink. At a carnival? Say no to funnel cakes and yes to cotton candy, a small portion only has about 150 calories and if you're sweet tooth has a massive craving, you'll be satisfied.