Yo-Yo dieting is no good for heart health


Yo-Yo dieting is no good for heart health

Besides causing issues with what to wear, yo-yo dieting or repeated cycles of losing and gaining weight, could actually be harming your health. We’ve all heard the term, “yo-yo dieting” and some of us may have experienced the up and down weight scale ride where we lose weight only to quickly and expectedly regain it back.

Now a study suggests that ‘yo-yo’ dieting is no friend to your heart.  Lead researcher Dr. Sripal Bangalore stated that those who have regular fluctuations of 8 to 10 pounds or more have more than twice the risk of death and are more likely to suffer from heart disease, heart attack, stroke and other heart-related issues than those who only have a much smaller fluctuation of 2 pounds or less. 

For four years 10,000 participants with hardening of the arteries who were in a clinical trial to test the effect statin medications were analyzed and tracked where doctors would regularly weigh and assess their overall health. 

Results showed that participants who had the most dramatic weight cycling were more likely to have suffered from a heart attack, blocked arteries, angina, stroke, or heart failure.  After accounting for other factors, their risk of death was 124 percent higher, heart attack was 117 percent higher, and stroke was 136 percent higher.

Why would people who were yo-yo dieters have a greater risk of heart issues?  The belief is that those who go from one diet to another going up and down on the scale with their weight, were more likely to be heavier, smoke, have hypertension and diabetes. 

Before anyone who has struggled with yo-yo dieting thinks that losing excess weight is simply not be worth the effort, the researchers pointed out that this study should not discourage anyone from trying to shed extra pounds as any amount will improve health .  The trick is to see weight-loss as a lifelong investment in themselves where a person embraces healthy eating, regular exercise and other lifestyle changes. 

One smart way to manage long-term weight loss is to avoid fad diets.  Also even if a person does not lose as much weight as they would like, they should give themselves much credit for taking some weight off and then keeping it off. 

Other tips one should do to lose some weight and keep it off permanently is to practice the following ideas:

·      Successful losers write everything down from their food intake to body measurements.

·      Successful losers eat more mindfully by savoring every bite of food, putting their forks down to chew and turn off all electronic devices to simply enjoy their meal without distraction.

·      Successful losers practice portion control by using a smaller plate (no more than 10 inches in diameter) and drinking glasses.

·      Successful losers always make the time to eat breakfast.

·      Successful losers don’t prohibit any one particular food but rather shift their focus to healthier choices.

·      Successful losers empty their cupboards of foods they have little control over not overeating.

·      Successful losers always make the time and effort to exercise regularly.