What your body odor means

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1.     Strong smelling urine. This could indicate a urinary tract infection. This is common among sexually active individuals.

2.     Under arm odor. Under arm odor is common. But if it smells different than it should, it could indicate bacteria in the armpit area. If this is the case, see your doctor to find out how to get rid of the bacteria growing in this area.

3.     Urine that smells sweet. Sweet smelling urine may indicate something is wrong. We know that it is typical for your urine to smell after eating asparagus, but if your urine has a sweet odor, it could indicate diabetes and other conditions. If your urine starts to smell sweet frequently, get a check-up and discuss this symptom with your doctor.

4.     Foot odor. Foul smelling feet may indicate excessive bacteria in your feet, shoes, or socks. The bacteria on your feet can linger and persist and if you have a fungal infection, also known as athlete’s foot.

5.     Foul smelling gas. If you have excessive gas that smells worse than usual, it could mean there is too much bloat in the stomach, irritable bowel syndrome, or even lactose intolerance.

6.     Chronic bad breath. Chronic bad breath can be a cause for concern. It may indicate gum disease caused by H. pylori. If you suspect there to be gum disease, see your dentist.

7.     Fruity smelling breath. If your breath has a fruity odor, consider getting your blood sugar checked. Fruity breath may be a symptom of possible diabetes.