·       Vitamin C, 250 milligrams daily

o   Vitamin C has been shown to do more than help fight the common cold.

o   It may also help with:

§  Anxiety

§  Memory

§  Dementia

§  Blood pressure

§  Hair and nail growth

§  Boost immune system


·       Vitamin D, 400 to 2,000 international units daily

o   A vitamin D deficiency is one of tne of the most common deficiencies.

o   Wide range of benefits including:

§  Bone density

§  Depression

§  Fertility

§  Sleep and migraines

§  Boosting prevention of cancer and dementia.


·       Magnesium, 320 to 420 milligrams daily

o   Found in fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains

o   It alleviates everything including:

§  Migraines

§  Muscle aches

§  PMS

§  Insomnia

§  Moodiness


·       Iodine, 150 milligrams daily

o   Since home cooks and restaurants have been increasingly trading table salt for less-processed sea salt - we’ve lost one of our main sources of iodine

o   Iodine is key for metabolism and thyroid function