Tips to stay slim

Eat often. Some healthy foods to try include nuts, dried fruit, veggies, hummus, or Greek yogurt with fruit. Make sure you eat a hearty breakfast and not skip any meals. Skipping meals makes you more likely to overeat.

Exercise. Try to exercise every day, no matter what. Track your eating habits and physical activity. Make your exercise routine fun. You are much more likely to stick with an activity you like. Fun workouts could be tennis, bike riding, and swimming.

Allow yourself treat once in a while. It is possible to have a piece of dark chocolate or glass of wine at dinner without consuming too many calories. Aim for a 100-150 calorie treat, such as a 100-calorie fudge bar.

Weigh yourself often. Make sure to weigh yourself at least once a week to know whether your weight is changing. Eating smaller portions, using smaller dishware, and adding protein and fiber at each meal will help stave off hunger and avoid gradual weight gain.

Eat mindfully. Eat slowly and mindfully. Try not to multitask while eating so you can concentrate on your meal. If you take up to 30 minutes to relax and enjoy your meal, you are more likely to notice when you're full and stop eating.

Eat more protein to stay full. Aim to get some protein in at each meal to help yourself avoid feeling hungry. Try pairing lean protein like cottage cheese, beans, or turkey with vegetables, soup, or salads for filling, low-calorie meals.

Fill your fridge with healthy foods. Salad greens and apples are great foods that can serve as the base for a meal or ingredients to add nutrition and low-calorie fullness to any meal. Always eats a salad before dinner to fill up on water-rich veggies.

Don’t eat after dinner. Eating after dinner can add unnecessary calories. Try drinking a cup of hot tea. This has been known to make it is easier to resist eating extra calories.