How to stay focused all day

Everyone is in pursuit of optimal performance and health throughout the day.  But it’s not always easy to stay focused all day, especially when our work hours tend to be long, and our jobs demanding.  We’ve researched some easy ways to bolster your brain power and boost cognitive function.  Paying attention and staying focused can help us get what we need to done during the day and not feel completely worn out by it.

1.     Don’t Multitask: according to scientific research, multitasking actually makes you less efficient at tasks.  Most people become more easily distracted when trying to do 10 things at once.

2.     Make a to-do list: we know lists sound like grandma’s business, but trust us – this works. Lists help you to prioritize work and get the things the NEED to be done, while leaving less essential things for another day.

3.     Drink Green Tea: Many studies have shown that popular beverage actually boosts working memory. It also is the most common source of a nutrient called L-theanine, a potent nootropic studied for the potential ability to reduce mental and physical stress without sedation and improve cognition. It also works in sync with caffeine working to boost mood and cognitive performance.

4.     Pour yourself a cup of black coffee: One study showed individuals who consumed the most coffee were found to have the lowest risk of developing dementia later in life. An antioxidant-filled beverage has also been shown to significantly reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease, the second most common neurodegenerative disorder in the U.S.

5.     Add grass-fed butter and coconut oil to your diet: This is a great add to coffee and many savory and sweet dishes. In combination, this is a powerful and healthy way to eat. Fat is good for the brain and particularly the kind of fat found in coconut oil. The medium chain trighlycerides provide ketones to the brain, which is a cleaner burning and more efficient fuel source than glucose.

6.     Definitely Take The Stairs: Aerobic exercise can actually reverse age-related hippocampal volume loss (the hippocampus is known as the brain’s memory center).  Even a simple jog or walk for a few blocks will boost your metabolism just before lunch and reboot your brain.

7.     Improve your posture: Poor posture can lead to a number of health issues, not to mention joint pain, muscle stiffness and others. Ask your employer if a standing desk is available. If not, focusing solely on your posture, especially for those 8 hours, can do wonders. First, adjust your chair height so your feet are flat on the floor and arms and legs remain at a 90 degree angle. The top edge of your computer screen should be even with your eyes and tilted up ever so slightly so you’re not looking straight but at an angle throughout the day.

8.     Get your sleep: Making sure you get good sleep can help you stay on task the following day.  Being well rested means you are less stressed and better able to get what you need to done throughout the day.