Overcome Your Social Fears

Have you ever felt fear in a social situation? Even if you have high self-confidence, you may have experienced fear in some social situations, whether it is an official party or a family gathering. It is a normal reaction to feel anxious when you think you’re being judged by other people. Criticizing yourself gives you the fear that others may judge us as harshly as we do to ourselves.

In order to reduce level of social anxiety in your life, you should learn to care about the subjects that matter to you most.  In other words, appreciating your own values and respects in your live, you can build a core sense of confidence that reduces your need for others’ validation.

For instance, core values of having sympathy, care and understanding toward surrounding, having kindness and love toward others.  These are values that one can use to aspire to bring to everyday interaction. Identifying core values help to focus on developing them in a daily life instead of focusing on negative thoughts or others’ judgments. Trying to fulfill your values, you know you are trying to do your best and won’t give any attention to negative energies around yourself.

By focusing on your values, you can be who you really want to be. This, for sure, leads to feel more confident and self-assurance.

Projecting positive thinking is a great way to feel at ease in our communication with others and to boost your values. In this way, you can create your social-identity and shine with your core values in any community.

In order to be socially friendly, you do not need to be the most charming, chatting or funny person in the room. Having a quiet, gentle personality, is often more attractive because you give a sense of welcoming and open personality, which draws people closer.