Follow These Tips & Maintain A Healthy Body

Metabolism rate can directly affect your health status. If you are not burning the calories you take daily, obesity is the result. There are some tips that help you maintain metabolism rate up to a regular level that is required for a healthy body.


The basic requirement of the body is water. Simply speaking 60% of your total body is water! By drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, you can speed up the metabolism level and help the body maintains its required level.

High Calcium and Low Fat

Calcium is a mineral essential for just bones and teeth. Lower levels of calcium produces hormones in the body, which ultimately will lead to weight gain and inflammatory problems. Putting more level of calcium in your plate can help increase the level of metabolism and also decrease weight problems.

Avoid Drinking at Night

Drinking can directly affect your metabolism. If you drink whole night, it will affect your next day metabolism. Alcohol decrease metabolism rate of a body at a relatively fast rate. Do not drink at night.

Eat Snacks

Body is a smart. The body learns to keep the track of the intake calories. Starving body will have a lower level of metabolism level.  In order to maintain the regular level of metabolism and healthy body function, eat snacks. By eating fruits, vegetables, and high fiber foods, you will provide your body the necessary energy to function as well as maintaining the body health.


Levels of stress can directly affect metabolism rate. The more stress you have in life, the lower metabolism rates in your body. So try to release your stress by exercising, meditation, or getting rid of negative thoughts.

Increase Vitamins

According to research data, the amount of vitamin B, C, and calcium in diet affect the levels of metabolism. Vitamin B groups help to maintain body healthy metabolism.