Dandruff And More!

Dandruff is a problem that we have all experienced once in our lifetime. It can appear in any age, but often appears during puberty. Our skin renews its cells without us even noticing it. This rhythm is unnoticeable until it is disrupted. The core of this phenomenon is the excessive peeling of the scalp skin. Dandruff is a sign of scalp disorder, as well as an aesthetic problem.

Many factors can cause dandruff including, but not limited to: aggressive hair care products, bacteria or fungi infection, unbalanced diet, hormones and stress.

In case skin peeling becomes more intense followed with redness and itching and enhanced section of sebum, it needs special attention and consultation a doctor.

Most Common Causes of Dandruff

Vitamin B deficiency

According to previous researches deficiency of vitamins from group B can lead to appearance of dandruff. Some foods full of vitamin B group are seafood (fish, oysters), fresh vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, carrots) and nuts (walnuts, peanuts).

Hard water

Hard water is a factor in not only causing dandruff, but also leading to hair fall. So if the water is over saturated with calcium, magnesium, and iron, it is recommended to use a water filter.

Improper Hair Care

Aggressive hair products can have a role in appearance of dandruff. So it is recommended to use hair products that contain zinc pyrithione and ketoconazole. Many commercially available shampoos contain these products. Also, try to wash your hair several times a week (even if you have oily scalp) to remove dead cells.

Disorders within other parts of the body

Appearance of dandruff is a common signal for gastrointestinal tract and nervous system problems.  Thus, we should pay more attention to our routines in life, reduce stress, get enough sleep, and eat healthy food.