Cease Smoking And Eat These Nutrient

The good news about tobacco is for tobacco growers. Nicotine in tobacco leaves are used as an insecticide to poison the insects and other small animals eating the tobacco leaves. However, the bad news is that it does the same to human organs. Nicotine is the most dangerous chemical inhaled by smokers. Just 30 mg of nicotine can be lethal.  Smokers grow nicotine tolerance, which results in smoking addiction, and eventually leads to a number of diseases including: chronic respiratory diseases, poor dental hygiene, lung and more than 10 other types of cancer.

By adding these four foods to your diet, you can gradually decrease the amount of cigarettes you smoke by detoxifying your body. With these foods, eventually, you will get to point to stop smoking without the painful and difficult withdrawal period. Keep in mind that smoking cessation is a try and fail process. Each time you try to cease smoking, you have greater chance than the previous attempt.

Pure Orange Juice

Orange juice is a very highly effective recipe that cleanses outs nicotine from the body as well. This miracle juice flushes out the body from the nicotine to the point that the necessary amount of drug is not depleted and withdrawal symptoms do not occur.

However, those taking nicotine replacement medication should avoid this recipe.


You can replenish the vitamin C that you lost when smoking with this green leaf vegetable. Broccoli is a rich source of vitamin B5 and vitamin C. Through vitamin C you can keep your body healthy and clean and let this vitamin fight with all free radicals and toxic chemicals. The immune system also gets boosted with this nutrient.

Carrot Juice

Thankfully, carrot juice can fight with negative effects of smoking. When you smoke and inhale nicotine, it reaches your brain, and settles down there for three days! By drinking carrot juice, which has essential skin nutrients, such as vitamin A, C, K, and B, nicotine effects can be sufficiently restored.

Kiwi and lemon

Lemon and kiwi are great sources of vitamin A, C and E. smoking interferes with the absorption of these vitamins. Supplying your body with these vitamins help in supporting your immune system and fight against the microbes.

Green tea

Through rehydration and nicotine removal, green tea is a vital supplement in fight against smoking. It can also help to change the routine of smoke and beer to a healthier one.


Among lots of harmful chemicals that water can flush out nicotine is one.  Since this drug is soluble in water, by drinking 8 glasses of water you can detoxify your body from nicotine.  Especially by adding lemon slices or watermelon chunks you can boost up your recipe in flushing up all toxins from the body.