How To Have a Good And Happy Morning

Mornings are not the favorite part of the day for most people; especially if you stayed up late at night the previous day.

Keep in mind that stress, psychological pressure, and anxiety interfere with the immune system. Thus, begin your day happy and relaxed is vital to stay healthy.

When sleeping keep your bedroom’s curtains half open

By keeping curtains in the bedroom half open, the sun’s natural light reaches to your room. This way, your brain sends a signal to decrease melatonin secretion and increases the release of adrenaline. This is the same signal that shows it is time to wake up. When your alarm goes off, you will already be half awake.

Set your clock fifteen minutes ahead of time

This way you do not have to jump out of bed and hurry. While waking up, you can lie in bed, stretch your muscles, listen to the news, think about what you want to wear and what you want to eat for breakfast.

Preparing yourself in your mind is as important as getting ready to start your day physically. These few sweet minutes in bed are all yours.

Do not take any decision

For having real peace of mind in the morning, do not make important decisions. As much as possible try to make each mornings’ decision the night before.

Drink eight glasses of water during the day

If you do not drink enough water during the day, you will wake up at night and this will affect your sleep routine and your morning mood.

Before leaving home, kiss and hug your loved ones

Being in touch with the people you love, reduces stress and prepares you for a positive day.

Have prepared cloths in the closet for emergencies

This way if you wake up late at the morning and you are running out of time, you already have a pre-planned set of clothes to wear.