Overcoming shyness

Aside from being introvert or extrovert, we all encounter situations that we feel deeply shy. There is a common belief that only introvert feel shyness in social situations, but this assumption is wrong. Repetitive and conscious use of simple techniques can help you to overcome the situation.

How to overcome shyness?

Get to know your shyness

Try to identify your type of shyness and its impact on your life. Specify triggers that cause this feeling and try to confront them. Do not be afraid of confronting a fearsome situation, avoiding specific triggers will not help reducing your anxiety. In fact, immersion is a technique in which you should confront yourself with a feared situation to help overcome your fear.

Achieve greater awareness of yourself

Know that the world is not watching you. People are so busy with their own lives that they do not have much time for this task. Try to increase your self-awareness and improve your situation.

Know your abilities

We all have our own strength and abilities. Find something you like and focus on your abilities and skills. By relying on your unique capabilities, you will build a strong self-esteem.

Learn to love yourself

Practice to admire and appreciate yourself. Write yourself a loving letter. Assign time for yourself and do whatever you want to do.

Do not always imitate others

If you are always trying to imitate others, you gradually find everything boring. Know that being different is good and try to be yourself.

Do not panic

One of the best ways to overcome stress, fear, or anxiety is to breathe deeply. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Focus on your breath and slowly inhale and exhale. Another method is to practice yoga. Count your breaths until you feel more comfortable.

Practice Social Skills

Just like other skills, social skills can be improved by practice and experience. The more you put in social situation, you will cope better with various social situations in the future. This will also increase your self-confidence and bring your attention on the things that are in your favor.