Enjoy Healthier Skin, Now

Most of the changes we see in aging skin, the ones we go to great lengths to cover up, are caused by a lifetime of treating our skin badly.  Bad habits like lengthy exposure to the sun, binge drinking, smoking or leading an unhealthy lifestyle all contribute to less than optimal skin health. Many of these bad habits cause dryness, wrinkles, unsightly pores and the dull skin we all loathe.  Here are some tips to enjoy healthier skin, now.

  1. Your skin is a reflection of what you put into your body.  Be aware of what you eat, and strive for a well-balanced diet.  Avoid junk, processed and fried food that will later cause several skin problems.  You should be drinking an ample amount of water for good skin hydration.
  2. Try to follow a skin care routine of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliation.  This is essential for all the people of different skin types.  Make sure you use products that are suited for your skin, and skin type.
  3. Wear sun-screen protection at all times, especially on your face.  The sun’s harsh rays can cause many skin ailments like aging, acne, and most of all sun damage from sun burn.
  4. Avoid using cosmetic products or tools, this means things like brushes or sponges that are very old.  Similarly, don’t use or share your cosmetics with anyone else.
  5. Remove all makeup before going to bed.  Use makeup removing wipes or toning and cleansing agents.  Certain cleansing oils, and rose water also work well.
  6. Stress and tensions have adverse effects on your skin sooner.  Try to avoid unnecessary worries in order to prevent your skin from deterioration.  Indulge yourself in yoga and exercises to combat stress and anxiety
  7. Always keep your skin clean from dirt and germs.  This can be as simple as keeping your hands off your face while sleeping or while sitting at your desk.  Make sure that your pillow cover is always clean so germs do not form into unsightly pimples.
  8. Take care of your scalp by washing your hair regularly.  Dandruff can cause acne breakouts so be sure to take proper and extra care.  Massage your scalp and give steam to your hair to get rid of dandruff.
  9. Sound sleep is essential to take care of your skin and your body too.  Try to sleep a consistent amount of time each night to help energize your body from within and thus make you look fresher externally.
  10. Quit smoking or, better yet, don’t begin.  Smoking is responsible for premature aging as the smoke you inhale contracts the blood flow to blood vessels, which thereby deprives your skin of necessary nutrients that your body delivers