30 extraordinarily simple ideas for eating healthier

30 extraordinarily simple ideas for eating healthier

You may think that in order to eat healthy, huge dietary changes have to be made.  The truth is you do not have to follow “clean eating,” or “the juice diet,” or “paleo” to make a difference in your overall dietary pattern.  It’s the small changes you do over time that add up.  When we apply small but effective changes to our eating habits, what a world of difference it can make in keeping us healthy.  Changes do not have to be made overnight.  But by adopting just one or two ideas a week, they will eventually result in positive improvements.  Today’s the day to begin this journey of making these simple, gradual changes and before you know it, you will look, feel, and be a healthier version of yourself. 


Here’s 30 ways to make this happen:

1.     Skip ordering “supersizes” at fast food restaurants

2.     Eat out one less day a week and instead fix a meal at home or take your lunch to work

3.     Plant a vegetable garden and eat what you grow

4.     Switch from white bread to 100% whole wheat bread

5.     Go to a farmer’s market and get the freshest produce and try out a vegetable you’ve never had before

6.     Leave the salt shaker off the kitchen table

7.     Drink milk with your meals instead of water

8.     Add a fruit such as strawberries, bananas, or blueberries to your breakfast cereal

9.     Add healthy crunch to a salad by topping with nuts and seeds instead of croutons

10.  Choose fresh fruit instead of a glass of juice – you’ll feel more satisfied

11.  Serve baked tortilla chips with salsa and fat free refried beans for snacking

12.  Serve baked beans with burgers and hot dogs instead of French fries

13.  Choose mustard instead of mayonnaise for sandwiches

14.  Split dessert with a friend

15.  Bake sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes

16.  Add grated carrots to salads and soups

17.  Choose grilled chicken instead of fried or crispy

18.  A bowl of soup before a meal will help you eat less

19.  Make chili with twice the beans and half the meat

20.  Use oatmeal instead of white bread crumbs in meatloaf and meatballs

21.  Add lots of veggies – green peppers, celery, tomatoes, and carrots to tuna or egg salad

22.  Order pizza with lots of vegetable toppings – tomatoes, onions, black olive, green peppers – and skip the fatty meats and extra cheese

23.  Drink water before meals, with snacks and throughout the day

24.  Choose a breakfast cereal with at least 5 grams of fiber per serving

25.  Switch from white rice to brown rice

26.  Choose lean cuts of beef that have the words “round” or “loin” on the lable

27.  Choose at least one cruciferous vegetable daily – broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, rutabaga, mustard greens, Brussel sprouts, radishes, arugula, or Bok choy

28.  Have a dark green salad everyday made with spinach, kale, or Romaine lettuce and add various toppings

29.  Skip the urge to skip meals – always have three consistent meals a day

30.  Add more beans to your diet – add them to soups, salads, casseroles, or just enjoy them by themselves