Fun ways to be physically active as a family


Fun ways to be physically active as a family

Breaking a sweat and healthy living as a family is a great way to live. While carving out quality family time is not always easy, fitting time in a busy schedule for fitness fun, is well worth the effort. Being active as a family is not only a great way to bond but also to burn calories, build strength, enhance physical self-confidence, and increases life expectancy. In addition, when kids see their parents (and grandparents) being active, it sets in motion a lifelong love of growing up physically active as well.

Need some fitness fun inspiration? Here are some unique ways to make being physically active a breeze:

·      Who let the dogs walk

Think of your dog sort of like a personal trainer. They like to run, jump, and explore, perfect for getting you to do the same too. Dogs are almost always ready for some physical fun so be sure to exercise with them by taking walks (or runs) with them.

·      Jump for joy

Kids love to jump and so should adults.  Jumping is one of the best ways to build bone strength and gets your heart rate elevated.  Plus all that bouncing is good for agility, and is a good workout for strengthening legs and core muscles. Check out an indoor trampoline park that will have plenty of space for jumping or get out your tried and true jump rope for more low-key fun.

·      Revisit your childhood games

Who can forget childhood games of hopscotch, foursquare, hide and seek, tag, or handball?   These classic games are great for sneaking in some serious calorie burn. While considered games for kids, these backyard classics encourage cooperation, teamwork, and a lot of fun.

·      Have a dance contest

Instead of watching dance contests on TV, hold your own family competition.  Push back the furniture, turn up the music and get down with your best dance moves. Dancing enhances body awareness, burns calories, increase heart rate, builds confidence and is an energy booster.

·      Have a weekly activity day

Each week, plan an activity that includes being physically active. Some adrenaline-pumping moves might be a trip to a roller skating park, walking a nature trail, renting kayaks, strolling through a zoo, playing volleyball at a park, going bowling, or riding bikes.

·      Make use of community resources

Check out what your local community offers to get your children and yourself active. Many town’s Parks and Recreation Department or the local YMCA may offer tennis, golf, swimming, basketball, or other fitness opportunities.

·      Expose your child to a variety of physical activities and sports

Try a variety of activities or sports until your child finds ones they enjoy.

·      Let your kids take turns being the fitness director of the family

It’s fun for kids to be in charge every so often and being the fitness director for a day, can be a blast. Let them choose the sport or activity and taking turns with their siblings. This helps kids feel empowered to make decisions, and they have fun telling mom and dad and their siblings what to do.