Give The Gift Of Health This Holiday

Are you finding it hard to choose a gift for someone who could perhaps use a little bit of nudging towards leading a healthier lifestyle?  Or maybe you’re looking for that special something for someone who already is a bona fide health nut.  Either way, giving a “gift of health” will benefit anyone. 

Here are some ideas for practical yet thoughtful “health gifts” that can be enjoyed by all who receive them:

1.      Pedometer – Get them moving – one step at a time.  This can be a great gift for the person who is always saying they know they should exercise but never find time. Keeping track of the number of steps taken each day can not only be a fun motivator but also a real eye-opener.

2.      High quality olive oil – Most people have olive oil but we’re talking taking a splurge on the good stuff.  Many of us don’t buy quality olive oil so getting someone who likes to use it can be a very special treat.  Another consideration is to give an “oil of the month” subscription for the true connoisseur who likes their taste buds tantalized year-round.

3.      Air-popped popcorn popper – For anyone who absolutely loves popcorn but knows they need to cut back on the oil or butter, this is a must.  Air-popped popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks around and is always a welcome whole grain to have anytime. 

4.      Water bottle – Now there are literally dozens of very good quality water bottles to choose from so get your special someone one of the best.  Depending on the person’s personality, choose one in their favorite color or theme and also consider a fruit infuser water bottle – for the person who knows they should drink more water but likes to have a “flavor” associated with it.

5.      High quality vinegar – Another must have for just about all of us.  These essential flavor enhancers are a fun way to explore new flavors and how they blend together with other ingredients in a recipe to create a culinary sensation.

6.      Yoga mat – Now here’s a great gift for those inflexible friends.  They may initially be resistant, but add in a couple of gift certificates to a beginners yoga class and they’ll be hooked into performing mountain or child’s pose at the drop of a hat.

7.      Herb seed kit – For the gardener at heart.  Watching a gift that grows and can be used in recipes is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable presents to offer. 

8.      Water glasses – Who doesn’t like to receive new water glasses?  But don’t just get plain clear glasses – jazz them up a bit.  Look for unique colors and beautiful styles making this useful gift all the more alluring and encouraging to drink more water.

9.      Dark chocolate – Not as sweet as a plate of cookies or fudge, but so much more healthier.  Now when we say “dark chocolate,” look for dark chocolate with at least a 70% or higher cacao content that delivers all the good health benefits.  Offer a variety of dark chocolates as there are a whole range of tantalizing flavors to tease the taste buds.

10.  Tea cup and saucer – This is a wonderful gift for the person who is always on the go but really needs to learn to stop and smell the roses.  Present them with a beautiful tea cup and saucer (don’t forget to add in a few tea bags of exotic flavors) and they’ll be propping their feet up in no time learning to relax while sipping hot tea.

11.  Sleep mask – Here’s a gift gently reminding that sleep-deprived friend to make sleep a priority.  Choose a style, color and pattern that will make them look forward to blocking out light and catching a few Zzzz’s. 

12.  Reusable lunch bag – Very practical and very fun to pick out for the person who likes to take their lunch to work – or maybe should. Reusable lunch bags are easy on the environment and they provide inspiration to eat healthier while saving money on eating out.

13.  Salad spinner – For anyone needing a subtle hint reminding them to eat their veggies.  These spinners make prepping salads fun and easy plus it’s a great way for kids to get involved in eating their greens too.

14.  Nuts – Skip sugary, overly sweet treats this year to give as a gift.  Instead choose heart healthy nuts presented in a beautiful canister or jar.  Nuts contain protein, fiber, healthy fats and many are excellent sources of magnesium, copper, and manganese.  For the real nut connoisseur, give a “nut of the month” gift certificate for them to enjoy year round. 

15.  Fruit – Just about all of us could benefit from eating more fruit and here’s a gift for someone who should.  Whether you give them a beautifully wrapped basket full of fruit or again, give them a “fruit of the month” certificate, giving fruit is a delicious and nutritious way to say how much you care about them.

16.  Nutrition and fitness journal – Of course there are apps for this, but some of us still prefer to do it the old-fashioned way – write it down with pen and paper.  Find a notebook with a unique style that fits the person you’re buying for and it can be an extraordinarily effective method of nudging them into keeping track of healthy habits as they record their progress.

17.  Sensuous bubble bath and lotions – A cold, harsh winter can leave skin dry and cracked.  Remind your friend that taking a leisurely bath and then applying lotion once stepping out of the tub is the perfect way to treat skin giving it a beautiful glow.

18.  Home-cooked meal – Out of all of the gifts, this one may be the most sentimental of all.  Taking time to prepare a healthy meal shows your true thoughtfulness and generosity that you cared enough to offer this.  Whether you serve it in their home or yours, it’s bound to be a gift they will cherish all season long.